Asana Community Forum Best Practice Suggestions

Consider these suggestions to make your voice heard, help keep the Forum running smoothly, save time, and improve search results:

  1. Vote for feedback requests

    • In Product Feedback posts, click the thread title to scroll to the top, then click the purple Vote button to add your vote for the request.
    • It doesn’t actually help to post a “+1” or similar comment; the Vote button feature is the only mechanism to get your “+1” counted.
    • This applies to new requests you add in Product Feedback too! First, submit your post, then go back and click the Vote button; otherwise, you’re not getting counted.
  2. Generally avoid roadmap- and is-there-an-update?-type questions (see why below)

    • Like many other apps, Asana doesn’t publish a roadmap.
    • The best way to keep up with upcoming product launches, updates, and recent improvements is by Watching (following) any/all of Product Launches, Product Updates, and Release Notes. To learn how to get an email update when there’s anything new, see Follow our Release notes category to receive a monthly update including all Asana latest updates! 📧 and repeat for the other two categories.
    • The Asana Forum Team publishes all the news about launches and updates in those categories as early and completely as they’re able. They only post in other categories’ feature-related threads when they have updates to announce or to answer other specific questions.
    • Forum Leaders, Partners, and Ambassadors also are not able to share roadmap information either.

For more information, see also FAQ - Asana Forum.

The Asana Forum is a vibrant, wonderful place, filled with hundreds of thousands of readers and writers, along with a small Asana team and us volunteers trying to make it the best resource we can.




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