Feature Request/Upvote feature

How can I use my project board as an internal upvote system for feature requests? When we get customer feedback requesting a new feature, I was planning on Likesing the Asana tile it best relates to. But I realized you can only Likes it once. I need a better way of quickly seeing how many people have “upvoted” the tile so we can better prioritize our product roadmap.

Hi @Cheryl_Stash, thanks for reaching out!

I would have suggested that liking the task is the best way to vote. We would also use this internally at Asana. I’m not too sure why the ability to like a task only once is an obstacle here - could you please elaborate a little on this? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Yes because if say 10 customers write in requesting that feature or reporting a specific bug, I can only like the Asana tile for it once. I can’t like it 10 times. I don’t have customers connected to my Asana account where they would have their own login or could likes it from their own IP or however its limited.


Thanks for the context, @Cheryl_Stash! In this case, you could use a numerical custom field (if you have a Business plan) and update this number for each vote count.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you. Is there a way to see the custom field from the Board view? To quickly see which ones have received a lot of “requests”?

Is it possible to have a board be open to the public? Similar to this?


This would be a good solution for my Likes conundrum.


I had a similar need, and implemented a custom field as recommended.

I wanted an easy way to upvote these things without dragging out the Asana web app to search with and find the custom field and do arithmetic. So I built a Chrome extension which lets you search for a task and upvote it in the URL bar: