Feature Request: Voting

the ability to set up polls/voting for teams or project team members with expiration dates and notification settings


That’ll be really helpful for any type of decisionmaking. I would love to see that implemented!


I am consulting with a Board that requires voting on last months minutes etc that they want to have done before the next meeting. There are 11 board meetings. My initial thought is to have a reoccuring task such as “Approve Last Month Minutes” and list each of the board members as a subtask to complete the action. The chairman does have to monitor dissents but maybe an uncompleted task means a dissent. Lots of other solutions, would be interested in other ideas. Could be attachments etc.

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Echoing previous comments. I’m attempting to determine who from my team needs a certain access to equipment, and having a poll feature that isn’t attached to a project but like a floating task or button would be super helpful right now and into the future.

Hello Everyone, :slight_smile:

First post here. First of all, I would like to say, I absolutely love Asana and I kept pushing operations and peers to get everyone on-board until they gave in. So far the user response has been phenomenal. Everyone loves it and colleagues inspire others to use it as much as we can.

Cutting short, I was looking for a way to have people vote on a Workshop Topic and I knew Asana doesn’t have polls, so I was determined to make this work.

And I was succesful :slight_smile:

Well it isn’t exactly perfect, but I’m sure it’s very close to what I needed.

Here’s a screenshot -

To achieve this:

1, Create a task with sub-tasks (which will serve as options for polls)

  1. Go to a Team > Team Conversations > Add a new conversation

  2. Add a subject and description and link to your options using ‘@’ in the order you’d like.

  3. You will notice these sub-tasks at the bottom of the conversation as a ‘preview’ with a link and shortcuts to buttons such as ‘Mark as Complete’, ‘Like’ and ‘Comments’

  4. The count of ‘Likes’ can serve as consent or dissent for a poll option.

  5. Polls Sorted!


This is fantastic- I’m just getting our team up and running on Asana and love this solution- thank you!

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@sarahlopez, glad you found it useful! I wish good luck to you and your team! Happy productivity :slight_smile:

Hey! @Navik’s solution is not working for me. Is this still working for anyone?

It’s not working for me. I guess the GUI changed and the mentioned subtasks are not shown separately anymore at the end.

@Navik I love your innovative idea here. However, I cannot seem to get it to work as you’ve described it.
I created a task (a poll) with subtasks (my three options).
Then, I created a new conversation with a subject and description. In it, I typed in my three options using the task tagged @ symbol such as
at Thurs, March 5
at Thurs, March 12
at Thur, March 19

Once posted, it only shows the above options as hyperlinks to the subtask itself. It is once you’re in the subtask you can mark the “like” thumbs up symbol.

Any tips on what I may be doing wrong? or easier solutions (how is doodle poll or something like that not yet a feature in asana?!)



I also tried to replicate but couldn’t get the options showing with summary underneath… hmmmm

Hi there :wave:
I have the same problem as @anon47872437. It shows no preview… :confused:
Can anyone help?

I want an anonymous voting feature.
Japanese people are more likely to be swept away by the opinions of others, so anonymous voting is necessary to gather honest opinions.


Any news on a poll feature?
Unfortunately it does not work any more as explained above.

very clever!

Please put this on the RoadMap for the near future, Asana.
Higly needed to be able to prioritize tasks/ideas in a project.

A plus would be to be able to use a weighting factor, or point awarding option too. What tasks are more important than others. I guess we’re getting close to Sxcrum’s poker game :wink:

Hassle to set it up with a page in Confluence first.