Feature Request: Voting


the ability to set up polls/voting for teams or project team members with expiration dates and notification settings


That’ll be really helpful for any type of decisionmaking. I would love to see that implemented!


I am consulting with a Board that requires voting on last months minutes etc that they want to have done before the next meeting. There are 11 board meetings. My initial thought is to have a reoccuring task such as “Approve Last Month Minutes” and list each of the board members as a subtask to complete the action. The chairman does have to monitor dissents but maybe an uncompleted task means a dissent. Lots of other solutions, would be interested in other ideas. Could be attachments etc.


Echoing previous comments. I’m attempting to determine who from my team needs a certain access to equipment, and having a poll feature that isn’t attached to a project but like a floating task or button would be super helpful right now and into the future.


Hello Everyone, :slight_smile:

First post here. First of all, I would like to say, I absolutely love Asana and I kept pushing operations and peers to get everyone on-board until they gave in. So far the user response has been phenomenal. Everyone loves it and colleagues inspire others to use it as much as we can.

Cutting short, I was looking for a way to have people vote on a Workshop Topic and I knew Asana doesn’t have polls, so I was determined to make this work.

And I was succesful :slight_smile:

Well it isn’t exactly perfect, but I’m sure it’s very close to what I needed.

Here’s a screenshot -

To achieve this:

1, Create a task with sub-tasks (which will serve as options for polls)

  1. Go to a Team > Team Conversations > Add a new conversation

  2. Add a subject and description and link to your options using ‘@’ in the order you’d like.

  3. You will notice these sub-tasks at the bottom of the conversation as a ‘preview’ with a link and shortcuts to buttons such as ‘Mark as Complete’, ‘Like’ and ‘Comments’

  4. The count of ‘Likes’ can serve as consent or dissent for a poll option.

  5. Polls Sorted!


This is fantastic- I’m just getting our team up and running on Asana and love this solution- thank you!


@sarahlopez, glad you found it useful! I wish good luck to you and your team! Happy productivity :slight_smile: