📚 How to share your product feedback

Hi all! Rebecca here from the Community team :wave:

We get such valuable feedback from our Forum users about what’s most important for your teams, as well as information on blockers you run into on a daily basis. When we forward this feedback on to our Product team, the most compelling stories contain all the detail needed to understand and prioritise the request so I want to share a few tips that will help you submit a first class product feedback request in the Forum.

  • Search, using the :mag: in the top, right corner, to see if your request already exists in the #productfeedback category. If it does, upvote the existing request. :ballot_box: Adding to existing threads helps our Product team understand how in demand a feature is.

  • Focus on one request per post . If you have multiple suggestions, please submit them separately so that we can be clear about the status of each and users can vote for the specific features they want to see.

  • Be specific. How do you and your team expect to use this feature? Frame the request in context of how your team is currently using Asana. The better we can understand how the feature might fit into your workflow, the easier it is for our Product team to prioritise.

Do :white_check_mark:

"I would like the option to see Custom Fields in My Tasks. When I’m looking at My Tasks, sometimes a Task is overdue because I’m waiting on information from a client. My workflow would be smoother if the Custom Field showed “Awaiting information” in a My Tasks column. This way, I know at a glance that I’ can’t proceed right now and will move onto another task

Don’t :no_entry:

“I want Custom Fields in My Tasks”

As always, thank you for your thoughtful feedback and participation in our Forum :slight_smile: Looking forward to continuing to read and learn from all of you!

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