Show custom field in the "My Tasks" view?



I created a custom field for task priority “high”, “medium”, and “low”. Is it possible to show this field in the main My Tasks view? Otherwise, I can’t see the priority at a glance.

Custom fields in tasks

Hi @Barnett_Williams1! As it stands, custom fields are not available from your “My Tasks” list, but I would suggest to add your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category!


Great suggestion. Thanks!


Custom fields are available on projects, but once you add them, they’re carried across every task in that project (empty answers), which isn’t helpful.

Can custom fields be added to tasks? That way you could have a separate set of custom fields for tasks and projects.


Are you asking if there is a way to do that or are you making a request?

If you’re making a request, you should vote on it in the product feedback category. Someone has made the request already so it makes it quick and easy for you to vote: Custom Fields on a Single Task (Not a Whole Project)