How to: Show Priority Column in My Tasks

Guys, this might be a bug, but definitely something that doesn’t make sense to me. Why isn’t there a Priority column in My Tasks view? Is there a way to show it somehow?

I mean, in all other views I can show it via Customize, but in My Tasks it’s not available in Customize. Which is kind of an issue, because in My Tasks I see tasks, projects they belong to, tag, BUT no way to see priority for those tasks.


@R111 currently you can only see the columns in My Tasks that were previously available in the older model. I anticipate more enhancements to My Tasks that will likely open up the customization options.

At this time, this is expected behavior.

As a quick follow-up, what does “the older model” mean exactly?

Just the way the My Task layout was previous. Here is a screenshot showing that there weren’t columns with a customization option:

The new my Tasks, coming probably beginning of 2021, might allow you to add custom fields indeed!

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I’d like this feature as well pelase

But Priority is NOT a custom field, it is “Asana-created” and is essential to my tasks… This was requested already back in October 17 and the threat was just closed 3 days ago. Why? The issue still exists

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The “issue” is broader: show custom fields on My Tasks. And it has been said that it won’t be done yet.
Priority IS technically a custom field, created by Asana.


Any updates on this? Almost at the end of August and cannot still add a priority column to “My Tasks”… This is HIGH priority ASANA!!



This has been a request for over 4 years. Why can’t you make a massive quick win and just do what’s being asked??

It was probably quite hard 4 years ago when My Tasks was not a project. Now that it is, I can bet they are working on it!

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Hi @Daniel_Tovizi, our product team is aware this is a very popular request and we hope to have news about this feature in the near future! You can follow updates and upvote for this feature here → Custom Fields in My Tasks

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