Priorities Not Showing in My Tasks view

as my tasks roll-up into “my tasks” i see the asana default “priority” column by they dont display. for instance, in the project view, many tasks have priorities (high/med/low) but then that is not displaying in MY Tasks view.

due date + project name comes through, but not the designated priority.

any help for this?

Hi @tkg,

Click the Customize button on the right; you should find Priority in the Fields area. If it’s not listed, you may need to click Add custom field → Choose from library and add it from there. (If so, make sure you use Choose from library and not Create new which will create a new unwanted duplicate Priority field.)

Hi Phil - i may not have explained this correctly. the left column “priority” was there by default but its now displaying the priority level of each task. i decided to add a new column + now they display. i dont know why that is but i cant delete that column on the left - how do i do that so i dont have 2 of the same columns?

oh - i did choose from library but i still got a duplicate

good grief! nevermind, i figure out how to delete it! for some reason what was there initially was not populating but this new one is



Hey unfortunately there can be many different priority fields created by different teams and so if the fields are not the same ones they don’t carry between. however do what you have done and create your own priority field and then hide the default one and then you will always see your field :slight_smile:

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