How to Show Priority Column in My Tasks (for Guests in Basic/Free plan)?

We have the free version.

At first, I could only see the priority column in the projects.
And I was eagerly searching how to show that in the My Tasks as well…

Then one day, suddenly it just appeared… So happy I can see the priorities of my tasks in the My Tasks.

But… I don’t recall doing anything to change that. Now one of my co workers needs that as well but I can’t find how to fix it for her.

Can someone help me? How can I add the priority to her “My Tasks” ??

Hello @JohannaH,

the priority field is a pre-created custom field from Asana.
You can find it via the customize menu - custom fields: Make way for Custom Fields in My Tasks!

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It’s not an option in the “Customize” section.
How to add that optoin?

This solution is not working for my team mate, I added a screenshot below.
The option is not available in the “Customize” section.

Hi @JohannaH , if I understand correctly, the screenshot is from your coworker, right? Then I’m fairly certain that they are a Guest in your organisation (not a member), which means they are using an email address that is not the same as your organisation’s domain (eg. in Asana.

Since you are on the free Basic plan, you would not be charged anything for ‘upgrading’ them to a member (not a guest) to your organisation. If they do have an email address at your company domain (or if you can create one for them), they could add that email address to their Asana account by doing the following:

  1. In their ‘My settings’ (top right, within their avatar menu), go to ‘Email Forwarding’ and select ‘Add Email’ in the lower left. (You might be asked to reauthenticate your login)
  2. This will enable you to insert that email address to their Asana account. Note, they can log into Asana with their old email or their new email, but with the same password (it remains unchanged).
  3. Click on ‘Send verification email’ and watch your email inbox to complete the process and link this new email address with their Asana account.

Your colleague should now be ‘upgraded’ to a member of your organisation and be able to add the Priority field in Projects and their My Tasks.

:bulb: Note, the Priority field is the only custom field available in the free Basic plan, and it’s not editable.


Oh ok. Thank you for this information! It’s very helpful.

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