Guests Need to Have a Priority Column Under My Tasks

I am so disappointed to learn that Guests cannot have a column under My Tasks that shows the Priority Field. We work with so many contractors and manage their projects in Asana. I assign priorities to all of their tasks so that they can have a clear understanding of what to work on first, but they can’t even see those priorities at a glance in My Tasks. This has put a huge wrench in productivity and as well as our abilities as project managers. PLEASE add this feature for guests. I’m not even worried about guests having custom fields in general, but the ability to see Priorities in My Tasks is absolutely ESSENTIAL for every person we work with, whether they are a long-term on and off contractor, or a short-term contractor working on a one off project.

Hi @Rae_Lland have upvoted - just wanted to make sure you knew that if they click and open the task they can see a priority field if that task has one?

Thank you for the upvote. And thank you, I do know they can click in to see, but being able to see priorities at a glance is essential for our team, as our freelances/contractors are often assigned many multiples of tasks per day. Priorities are often also changing with the needs of the business, so being able to view their priorities at a glance is highly essential to our operations. I sincerely hope Asana will implement this feature for all as it is creating interruptions and added workload in our communications and workflow.

Yes please!

Currently, i’m dragging and dropping tasks in my tasks to make priority lists in calendar week view. Having a priority option in there would make my life so much easier… either if the priority function worked in just list view, but preferably also in calendar view too!

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