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We recently created a custom field for priority of task within a project, when we noticed the priority marker doesnt show up on individual team members task lists and it would be handy if it did.

Furthermore this got me thinking, why would the priority of a task not be a consistent item on every task regardless of project? It would be a nice feature to have priority available to be assigned on every task!


HI @savannahrucker! Nice seeing you here.

Glad to see you’re making use of custom fields! At this time, as you have seen, we can see custom fields in projects but not on individual task lists. We are aware of this design issue and are thinking of ways to resolve it. Since custom fields are still very young, it is helpful for us to hear these issues so we can think about what to improve. Thank you for your feedback!

One way to communicate priorities to your team, if you’re not already doing it, is to comment on a task and ask the individual to prioritize it. You might also create a process by which whenever anyone is assigned a task, they automatically visit the project, identify priority, and then rank the task in My Tasks accordingly.

@Community - how do you all prioritize tasks with your teams in Asana?

@Alexis can you provide more details or instructions on how one would accomplish this “You might also create a process by which whenever anyone is assigned a task, they automatically visit the project, identify priority, and then rank the task in My Tasks accordingly.”


@savannahrucker Happy to elaborate! At a high level, what I’m thinking has to do with setting up Asana conventions with your team. General tips here.

Here’s a convention you could set up to solve the priority problem. Let’s say we’re talking about Dave:

  1. All tasks in Project X have a custom field for priority.
  2. A task from Project X is assigned to Dave.
  3. Dave sees the task in My Tasks without priority listed.
  4. Dave clicks into Project X to view the task’s priority.
  5. Knowing the priority of the task in Project X, Dave then moves the task in his My Tasks to accommodate the priority (and due date) listed in the project. If it’s high priority, then Dave puts it at the top of this list.
  6. …If you wanted to get more meta, you could even establish a priority for each project on a scale of High, Medium, Low. An example project title could be: “Project X - High,” meaning relative to other projects, Project X is high priority. That way, if Dave is assigned two high priority tasks, he can order them in his My Tasks based on project priority (and due date).

If this were the process you wanted your team to go through each time they’re assigned a task, you could establish this as an Asana convention for your team. And to make the convention even more universal, you could make sure all projects have a priority custom field, so all the tasks within them are marked by priority.

This is just one example of how you could prioritize overall. Maybe the community has other systems that could work for you, as well. :slight_smile:

@Alexis I like the ability to prioritize tasks in my task list by priority, however, it seems you cant rearrange based on priority when you are sorting by any other means IE: Tasks By Due Date. It would be handy if you could rearrange tasks by due date in your own priority order. This would be extremely handy when one has hundreds of tasks.

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Ah, I see what you mean @savannahrucker. That’s helpful feedback. @Kaitie do you have any thoughts on additional solutions for this, other than what I suggested above? Maybe an integration?

@savannahrucker Wanted to let you know that the thoughts you expressed about priority fields in my tasks are indeed trending. I’m seeing more conversations about this and my team is listening and thinking about ways to address this in the platform. In the meantime, the best thing will be to have project managers control priority, start date, etc. custom fields on the project level. In summary: we hear you :slight_smile:

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@Alexis thank you!

Hi All,

I’m reading into this conversation and it’s great to see this issue being raised proactively in October 2016.

Great news is that it was heard and my team has been able to see Custom Fields on our My Tasks lists for the past couple months. However, as of 2/2217 around 4:30 EST, the Custom Fields have disappeared and are only visible by clicking into the tasks.

Do we know why this function is now gone? My team really depended on their Task Lists to see prioritization (we had a custom fields to help us determine product types and project statuses)

Help on this updated conversation would be very appreciated. Thank you both for starting this discussion a few months back!


Hi @Emma_Sweeney :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment. I’ve followed up with my team for information about this change. We’ll get back to you with more information asap.

@Emma_Sweeney I asked my team about your question and learned that we were testing the feature and the results showed that this was not a successful feature for the majority of users. This iterative development and A/B testing is part of our product development process. Unfortunately it means sometimes features that resonate with some don’t necessarily resonate with many. Fortunately, we’ve found that it creates a positive experience for users in the long run. I hope that this explanation is helpful. Please let me know if you have other questions. :relaxed:

@Alexis @savannahrucker +1 for being able to assign priorities to different tasks please!

Sorting task lists by priority is essential too. At the moment, the only way to be able to sort tasks by priority is to make them more and more overdue to they appear at the top of the list. As my boss is on my asana network, this doesn’t look great on me!

Please therefore add tasks priority as a regular field asap - It’s a basic, and absolutely fundamental piece of project management software functionality :). thanks!


@Alexis Hi there, it’s a little problem for me too. I have introduced a Custom Field that says priority and you can see the Custom Field priority within a project which is ok for me, but my co-workers don’t see any Custom Fields in their “My Tasks”-List.

These would be very helpful for daily planning.

rsvp, Michael


Hi @Michael_Hebenstreit. Yes, alas custom fields do not appear in My Tasks; they only appear in projects. We appreciate knowing that this would be helpful for their daily planning and will forward that information to our product team.

In the meantime, a suggested workaround: If you and your team would like more information to appear in My Tasks, you could use a naming convention that corresponds to each custom field. If you have a custom field for priority (P0, P1, P2), you could name a task “Create campaign kickoff slides - P0.”

Hi @Alexis. Our organization is also new to ASANA. We would highly appreciate if you could develop priority selection as standard field both for Projects and My Tasks. And make it possible to filter view for My tasks based on 2 criteria priority and due date. Both functionalities should be available on desktop and App version. Largest part of out organization members are frequently on the road, so the use phone to record and follow-up tasks.


Totally agree, the priority selection should be standard for both Projects and My Tasks.


@Alexis - I agree.

It is frustrating to have to click into the individual assigned task in My Tasks to see the custom fields. It would be incredibly beneficial to be able to have custom fields view-able against Assigned Task items in My Tasks home page.

Second functionality, is to allow users to create their own custom filters for tasks that they have created independently in My Tasks, but I would argue that this is less of a priority.

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Is there any Product Feedback thread linked to this that I can upvote for the Product Development roadmap?

Feel free to use the search feature to find a relevant thread. If you can’t find one, then you’re encouraged to start a new product feedback thread. :slight_smile:


I’m new to Asana and I’m evaluating it for my company. I’ve been working in many different companies with different tools. So far, I’ve seen a nice interface which appears to be easy to use in many aspects. However, to me, it’s utterly incomprehensible to leave out a very important feature such as prioritizing of tasks with appropriate filtering in ALL task list but seeing a feature implemented where I can LIKE a task, which is absolutely nonessential for getting things done in a project.

I’ve got to say, that this is a major downer for my evaluation. I’m pretty sure this feature could be implemented within a couple of days.Are there any plans regarding this?

Further, it would be nice if the priorities could be editable on your own (eg. names, how many,…) instead of limiting it to dates in a calendar (today, tomorrow,…)

I’m looking forward to your answer.