Ability to Sort someone else's My Tasks by Priority (Custom Field)

As best as I can tell, currently it is not possible to rank another person’s My Tasks by Priority. this seems very odd considering that Priority is a native Asana field. So it is difficult to understand why it would not be usable for the purpose of sorting another person’s tasks. I think you will agree that sorting another person’s tasks by Priority is much more useful and relevant for project management than sorting that person’s tasks by number of Likes, for example, or the many other parameters based on which one is able to currently sort another person’s My Tasks. If one cannot sort another person’s My Tasks by Priority then how can a project manager have a look at one of their team members’ work and keep a pulse of whether or not they are working on what they (the manager, not the individual team member) considers to be the right priorities ? It is integral to the job of any project manager to continuously check and make sure that their team members are working on tasks in the right order of priority. It is also very often necessary for the project manager to re-assign task priorities on a continuous basis. I would certainly think that this is something that thousands of customers would want to do. Hopefully there is a way to do this ?


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A custom field Priority with drop-down was added to My Tasks? Then every task can have a priority level assigned.

Many people also use emojis a lot to highlight the different priority levels such as :fire: for high priority for example.

You can also consider multi-homing all tasks of team members in one project for you to see everything in one place.

You can also utilize graphs and charts and the portfolio and workflow features are useful too.

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Good point; I just voted. Remember to add your vote too.


Hello Andrea

Thanks for your message. I agree that a Priority field was added to My Tasks. But it is not visible to another person. That is what I am asking about: how can another person view someone else’s My Tasks ranked in order of Priority ?

Thank you


Hey @Sami_Bitar,

yeah that is correct the priority field would not show to you at this stage unless the same task is multihomed into another project where the field is added also.

Just keep in mind this also, if you are the manager and somebody has tasks only private to them in their my tasks with you not added to the tasks you would not see all.

For the priority custom field the only workaround I can think of right now is to ask your team members to set up a rule so all tasks get multihomed. Which could be for example:
Trigger: all tasks added to “My Tasks” get added to Project XYZ as well and in this project you have the priority custom field added and you can amend the priority which would then also amend it in their my task list.

Might be easier for you as well to manage then as you can have the overview of all the team members you manage in one project and you can filter and make changes faster.

Thank you very much for your reply. At least there is a bit of a work-around. If and when the Priority task does become visible directly, please let me know. Thank you.

Sure, this feedback request is open for others to upvote as well.
Asana is always monitoring such requests and if they decide to implement this feature and there are updates somebody will comment on this thread.

I know I can add any columns to My List view, but it seems like I cannot add columns when viewing the Task List of other team members.

Example: I am John, but I am viewing Alice’s task list. In this view I only see Date, and Projects as extra columns, but I need to see the Priority of all of her tasks. This view has no “+” UI to add a column.

Is there a way to achieve a full list view for each user that displays any columns I choose?

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As far as I understand you seem to be referring to the priority field.
Since there is an existing product feedback request around this topic already I have merged your post with that one.
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Well, I am referring to ANY field/column. In My Tasks, I can customize the view to add any column I like, and then sort by it. This is missing when viewing the task lists of other users.

I see, for columns here is a feedback request thread to upvote.

The thread you linked does not describe the feature I need.

Simply: Please add per-user user-specified settings for viewing the My Tasks page of other users. If John is viewing Alice’s task list, enable him to choose which columns to display, sort by those columns, and updated details of any attribute within the columns he chose.

I am requesting to add the same features that exist on my My Tasks page when viewing the task list of other users.

Currently these features are missing, despite the UX being an extremely similar view.

Thank you.

Hey @John_Carvalho,

okay I see. I have reopened this thread and renamed it slightly, hope that’s okay for you. Don’t forget to upvote.

In terms of sorting of attributes since a lot of sorting is done based on custom field values I also recommend to upvote this thread.

Hello Andrea,
Any updates on this? I find this to be very helpful when checking my team member tasks.

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Asana does not have a public roadmap so unfortunately won’t be able to tell.

Rather astonishing that a task management tool does not let a user view other peoples tasks sorted by priority. This is effectively a project management tool without the management aspect.

The forum discussion seems to echo the desire by your customer base to enable this ability, why is there so much push back on developing it?