Filter "My Tasks" by priority

I figured something like this should be easy but It appears Asana doesn’t have the ability to filter “My Tasks” than more than few/couple things? Sorting by Due Date is nice, but I would like to be able to filter by Priority as well… how do I do this or can it even be done?


You can sort by “Today” “Upcoming” “Later” when you select none in the sort option’s list, and as tasks are usualy planned according to priorities it should be ok.
Is that what you mean by “Priority” ?

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When I open up a Task I can see one of the field that has been set is Priority… is this not a standard Asana field for a task? I don’t know to much about Asana my experience is with Thrive

Priority is a custom field that you or a colleague has sat up in a project, but custom fields don’t appear in the My Tasks list, they only appear in the project’s list of tasks.

You can give a glance to the following conversation which will give you more details, ASANA are working on that topic : :slight_smile:Priority Assignment - Custom Field

Hope it will help you


Dear Asana, I´ve been using Asana for quite a while now (I fgure over 2 years). As a freelancer, I mostly used it alone, but had the occasional project I found someone else to collaborate with.

The most important tools for a “To-Do” list is to sort by due date and priority. I think this is the most basic requirement you will find in any time or project management book. From the answers of your team, and no offence intended here, you completely misunderstand the difference of the two things. Maybe you want to google “Eisenhower model” or read into any of the time management books. The workarounds are ineffective, as priority is not seen on one glance on the app (IOS version in my case) and counter the very reason I choose a software.

I am experimenting with Todoist now, and will probably say Good bye to you. I am a big fan of your software, I love your style (including the Unicorns) and functionality and design. However, priority is a dealbreaker for me, and I really tried hard. Please let me know if that might be changed in the near future, I would prefer to stay with you. Otherwise you are a perfect team and project management provider, but not very useful for task management.

All the best,



Hi there @Banning_Stuckey & @Amin_Talab; Michael here from Asana.

Sounds like this would be a great suggestion for our product feedback page; specifically the ability to filter Tasks according to more than one variable in the same place, though you can still achieve what you’re looking for if you’re creative!

My our community manager @Alexis provided a useful workaround until our developers are able to integrate something closer to what you’re looking for (ie two sort options at the same time).

I’ve cut and pasted her advice below, though you can view the whole post here:

When you sort by custom field in project view, as you know, we can only view one custom field at a time. But, you could conduct an advanced search to see everything you’re looking for! I suggest that you use the desired custom fields on your project. Then, conduct an advanced search for tasks with that custom field. Sort the search results by due date and voila! You’ve got all tasks with that custom field sorted by due date.

Hope this helps!


Do you know if this feature was removed because I do not see any Today, Upcoming and Later sections in my personal list or project list.

Thank you.

Yes Today Upcoming Later still exist.
Today, upcoming and later appear only on the MyTasks list, not in project.
In your MyTasks, is your setting view on “none”?
If yes, you should have at least the “new” section, and if you click on the blue little dot on the right then you can select upcoming or later, which appear only of a task is inside.

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Thank you Julien.
Well explained and I immediately found it.

Thank you!


Being able to filter all of my taks by “priority” would really be a deal breaker.

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@Norton, You can now filter as you type in Asana2Go for values like “priority” as demonstrated in the video in the link below. (Disclaimer: I’m the creator)



We use Ducalis. It’s a team prioritization tool when you see all tasks sorted by priority and your tasks.

I assigned a priority (non-custom field) to each task and sub-task. Unfortunately, the sub-tasks do not appear when the list is sorted by priority (much like sub-tasks don’t appear when you filter on your own tasks.) If someone can find a workaround, please share.

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I really wish I could filter My Tasks by priority. For the life of me, I have no idea why this isn’t available, but I wanted to share my work around since I see some mentions of it here.

Here’s what I do to filter my tasks by priority: I use tags. I’ve never figured out how to make the sections work in the new version, so this works for me.

In my project, I tag each task “p1”, “p2”, and “p3”. I also like to color code them. And you can call them what you like, the alphabetical order is what matters here.

Now on to getting things done:

In My Tasks, I have my sort set to “none,” and I take advantage of the Today, Upcoming, and Later options.

In my view for Today, I can now see my tasks with their priorities, thanks to the tags. I then grab all the types and move them in order.

It’s still an extra step, but it works for me. I hope this helps!


fully agree with this, amazing that it is not possible on such a mature platform!!!

@ all: please vote at this link: Custom Fields in My Tasks - #64 by Arlene_Ellwood

@admin: is it possible for you to place this link all the way at the top of this thread, so people do ont have to scroll all the way down to find it?

I’m working on the solution to “Priority Reports” for Asana task lists.
Feel free to check

Here are my thoughts on how it can help you with all requests:

  1. Apply any Prioritization Framework like RICE, ICE, WSJF, AARRR, REAN, etc. or add your own priority criterion.
  2. No need to break the current Asana workflow. With 2-way sync, Ducalis pulls necessary tasks for the prioritization process, providing you with the priority report and push back the total score for sorting/filtering inside Asana.
  3. Make prioritization a collaborative process. Invite teammates to task evaluation, collect different opinions on task importance. Assign different evaluation questions for product managers, developers, and designers.
    Hope it will work for you.

2017 request still pending ahahah!!!


I am a little aghast that this hugely significant need - something flagged by your paying customers as a dealbreaker - is still pending from 2017. I chose Asana for my client in Aug 2020 as an all in one platform, and one for which we pay, and yet we still cannot readily sort our individual tasks by priority? Please.