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I’m a new Asana user coming from Monday. I use the My Tasks view for my entire workload. I use a “Priority” column to determine the general priority of a given task with values such as “Critical” “High” “Medium” etc. In Monday I had the ability to sort this column, save the sort, and the re-arrange items. This would put all of my “Critical” items together and then I could quickly re-arrange them manually. I can’t find a way to do this in Asana despite searching here and google! Help!

You can always sort manually, and the sort is sticky. Will that work for you?

Sorry to disagree @Stephanie_Oberg1, but you actually can sort by custom fields, and also group by custom fields as well (as long as they are single-select fields).

My suggestion for you @James91, would be to “Group By” your priority custom field and then sort them manually within those sections.

Corrections welcomed…just wondering why I can’t sort My Tasks on a Custom Field. Any ideas @billyadams ?

Thank you both for the input and suggestions!

I just tried using the Group By @billyadams , unfortunately this won’t work. Let me give you more insight into my approach (which I may need to adjust!). I have Groups for: Inbox, Today, Today-ish, To Do, Long Term, Graveyard, and Done. Somewhat self explanatory but the gist is that I have a column for the Due Date (i.e. the date I should work on something) and a column for Priority (of course I have other columns, but not worth mentioning here). I have automations that bring things items from To Do to Today-ish when their Due Date arrives. My To Do Group has tasks for today but may go out for months. As you can imagine my Today-ish gets a bit hectic, sometimes it has tasks I didn’t finish from the day prior, sometimes it has tasks that are due today but only nice to have, etc. So it’s at this point that I sort by Priority and begin to manually review things.

Hi @Stephanie_Oberg1 , I think the ‘Group by’ needs to be set to ‘Custom sections’ in order for the ‘Sort’ dropdown to show custom fields in My tasks, as a sort option. But you could also Group by custom fields (which will look like sorting custom fields within a project, with pseudo-sections.)

Hi @James91 , can you try setting the ‘Group by’ to ‘Custom sections’ and then your ‘Sort’ by your single-select field, such as Priority? The alternative could be to sort by ‘Start date’.

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