How do I sort all of the tasks in "My Tasks" by priority

I can not find a way to sort all the tasks in “My Tasks” by priority. I’ve seen a few suggestions to sort by “Due Today” or “Due Tomorrow” but, in reality, there should still be more priority placed on key activities or tasks each day… such as your “Big Rocks” compared to other tasks that have a due date of today but can be worked in between the more important tasks.

Is there a way to add fields to the My Tasks sort? I mean, why are we able to sort by “liked” and not by priority? It appears that Asana has their sorting priorities out of place. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Sarah_Lance, welcome to the community👋

I think it would be tricky for the system to figure out what tasks are top priority for you as everybody has different prios.

Have you trief setting up a special column or section maybe in your Asana My Task dashboard maybe where you can move your high prio tasks to?

And you can also work with the advanced search feature.

A thread you might be interested voting on is Custom Fields in My Tasks as then you could have custom fields to select the priority type for your tasks.

This might also be helpful: Strategy for Sorting Tasks By Priority? By Project and By User? - #16 by lpb


Thank you, @Andrea_Mayer! I actually wasn’t suggested for Asana to prioritize. There is a Priority field that can be used for each task. The options are High, Medium, and Low. I just asking how I can sort based on those priorities that I would be assigning to that field for each individual task. That way, those tasks that I have marked as high priority could all be at the top of “My Tasks”.

There is already a way to set the priority for a task without upgrading and creating a custom field. I just want to find out how to sort by that priority when I’m in “My Tasks.” It’s typically a basic component of any time management and project management process.

Hey @Sarah_Lance,

yeah so currently custom fields won’t work on the my tasks yet. Main reason why it has not been implemented yet is cause throughout the whole Asana set up in total there might be a lot of custom fields, meaning these would kind of also needed then under my task depending on which tasks are added there.

Like for example 2 tasks that are in My Tasks are actually in another project and have let’s say 10 custom fields. Then you have other tasks under My Tasks and they are also in another project and each has 10 different custom fields :wink: But the link I shared above you can upvote so the team at Asana sees how many people wish to have this feature.

You can still have the priority Asana field in tasks though but then you have to work with advanced search like this:

And then you can save the report:

Which you will then be able to select on the left hand side under “Saved Searches” :smiley:

@Sarah_Lance I can really understand your frustration with this. I have found some workarounds depending on your plan.
If you are on Asana Business, you can do the following workaround:

  1. Create a private project only you have access to, let’s call it “My Prioritized Tasks”

  2. Add a rule in “My Tasks” To add any new task to this new project.

  3. In this new project you can add the Priority Custom field or any other filed you want and sort/filter by that field

Hope this helps

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