How to sort "My Tasks" by a custom field?

Hi -

I’m currently evaluating Asana for task coordination in a couple of different orgs.

One use case I cannot seem to figure out is this:

  • As an individual participating in several projects, I’d like to be able to sort all of “My Tasks” by priority to help me manage my time across those projects, or to see that I’m overloaded, so I can ask for help (with evidence that I’m overloaded)

Sub-requirements: I don’t want to use a “report”, as this is a go-to dashboard feature that I’d like to see every time I look at “My Tasks”

Ideally, this would be through the use of a generic “Priority” field, which Asana clearly has some beliefs about, because it is very common (shown in many Asana marketing materials and demos), but it requires customization and is not a default field.

I’d gladly trade the “Alphabetical” sort option (low value / I cannot figure out the use case for that) in exchange for a “Priority” sort option (extremely valuable).

I also noted that this very question was discussed on this forum for 3 1/2 years without resolution and then closed, but I cannot figure out why the forum post was closed:

I also saw this post, which recommended a third-party app (Bridge) or the use of custom reports, both of which seem like solutions that take the user out of their core Asana workflow, which is to figure out what to do next:

Hi @Jeff_Meyer,

Here’s the thread you want to vote on:

FYI, Asana recently revamped the architecture of My Tasks. One of the major reasons they did this was to be able to then add features that are available in other projects - features like Board view, rules, etc.

Asana does not pre-announce features but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that custom fields are included in the above “etc”. :wink:

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