Sort searches manually (My Day)

So I like to tag my long list of tasks with “Today” and use search to get all un-complete tasks by tag. I don’t want to change the due date, I might be working on something today that is due weeks from now. This helps me set a focus for my day. But, I can’t manually order the tasks I have in this view in the order I want to work on them. I wish I could manually sort (set priority).

Or, even better have a my day view that resets every day like in MS Todo.

I am confused, it looks like you are basically doing what the My Tasks view is about, which is ordering and prioritising your tasks based on the date but the date alone…

Hi @Aubrey_Portwood,

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As Bastien mentioned, you are using Advanced Search and doing additional tagging whereas you can use My Tasks to achieve the results you describe.

Check out this article and personalise the My Tasks section to your wished workflow



For more, here’s my article on My Tasks approaches that have worked well for many clients and readers: