My tasks - Ability to manually reorder tasks with the same priority, when sorting by priority

When you go to My Tasks and sort by Priority, you will have the My tasks sections sorted by High, Medium, Low Priority.

However, looking at the 5-10 high priority tasks in each section, it would be useful to be able to sort them manually in the order in which you plan to get them done.

Unfortunately, this is not possible as of now, so you need to set My Tasks to sort > None and then manually sort everything, which is very time consuming.

How would it work with Asana?
When sorting by any criteria in My Tasks, like priority, or due date, it is possible to reorder manually within all items that have the same value by dragging and dropping the tasks

Hi @Johannes_Pautzke I would perhaps use custom sections alongside the priority to sort

I know you are specifically asking for this to work when “sorting” by priority, but you might try Grouping by the Priority field and then doing your manual sort within each priority section.