Custom Fields in My Tasks

Agree that custom fields must need to be in My Tasks, particularly as mentioned for things like Priority and Status fields. For me, selecting which ones to show would be nice, but let’s not let nice get in the way of getting the feature added.

Can I also request that someone from Asana provide a status on this?

Thanks and keep up the great work team Asana!


I’m disappointed that I can’t see my task priorities in My Tasks. How is this not considered a basic thing?


I’d like to be able to see custom fields in My Tasks also. We use priority numbers within tasks as a custom field and we need the users to have the ability of sorting the “my tasks” with this custom field. Please consider adding this feature!

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Please!!! We need it!


Or at least an explanation of why it isn’t there yet, and how to achieve a similar workflow.

I would really like to see this feature as well! We use custom fields to keep track of estimated hours for the week, but it doesn’t do much good when those hours are spread over multiple projects and we can’t see them at a single glance.

We would love to see this feature, too! Now that we’ve upgraded to premium, we’ve been running into the same issue has the OP. Any status update on if/when this can become a reality?

Really need this feature asap! It was one of the reasons I chose Asana, didn’t realise it wasn’t possible!

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Since many of us have a good number of projects - if we can’t view custom fields and project:section - the my tasks view is quite limited. Then everyone has to click into each detail to see more about it.

I vote yes please for this feature too!

Hey all,

Even for our team, this would be amazing feature having possibility to prioritise tasks across our 20+ active projects in My Tasks. Thanks Asana for being great. Keep it up!

The ability to have custom fields on tasks within a project is really useful and I’d like to have the same ability when I’m in My Tasks. I keep clicking into individual tasks thinking I can make progress only to realize I need to hold, which is a waste of time. I’d love to see statuses in My Tasks at a glance.

My tasks is populated with tasks from various projects, each one potentially having their own custom fields. You would want to see the fields in the My Tasks view without having to open each one right?

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I would like the ability to set which custom field/s I want visible in My Tasks. Mainly, I want my custom Status field so I can see what’s in the briefing, in progress, on hold. etc. so I know what I need to action and what I need to follow up or hold off on without opening up a task to check its status.


I really dislike the fact that custom fields can’t be added to the My Task section. I have some fields that work much better for the team by using the columns to set multiple items. Having to click each task, and alter the custom fields in each one is a pain.

Same goes for reports (which I’m assuming My Tasks is just a preprogrammed report). Having columns that show up and moreover total if they have numbers, would really help.

Hi @Francesco_Alessi and thanks for sharing your feedback! I have gone ahead and merged it with Add custom fields to My Tasks to make sure to gather all feedback on one thread!

I’ve added a priority label across all my projects… not having the ability to view that in “My Tasks” is very difficult and results in confusion. Would really appreciate the ability to select custom fields to appear “My Tasks”


I find it puzzling as to why priorities via custom fields cannot be used in My Tasks. Seems like it would be important to be able to assign priority to tasks that are not part of a project, and to see them when viewing the task list. They do show up for me in the calendar view, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to add these two functionalities.

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Any news on this?

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Just ran into this. Its frustrating.

My workaround is to multi-home tasks to another project where everyone can see the tasks they are assigned to and the custom fields. Could then use a section called Today so people could drag tasks in that they are working on today.