Change section a task is in my teammate My Tasks

I run a bookkeeping firm and I organize each client as a project. We have recurring tasks for monthly transaction entry etc that I assign to my employee. When she finishes up a task she will then change the asignee to me so that I can review her work and complete the task (or pass it back with comments). I would like her to be able to, from the details window of a task, assign the task to me and move it into the section “Review” in the My Tasks view. I’ve shared that space with her, but she is unable to access the dropdown next to my name to change the section, like I can when I assign a task to myself.

I agree, I tried to do the same thing the other day and couldn’t. @Rebecca_McGrath is there an existing Product Feedback or should me move it there?

I couldn’t find an exciting thread for this request, so I’m moving this thread to our #product-feedback :slight_smile: We don’t have immediate plans to launch this option, but we will keep you posted!

exciting or existing? :rofl: #excited

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