My tasks moving to do

I love my tasks. When I get something assigned to me, I am able to move it around to where I want it. So I can look and know it will go to my work day tomorrow.

My boss, isn’t able to do this. When he moves it, it will change the whole task. He is the administrator but it makes his task list overwhelming. We tried creating a new email so he could use that one. We thought maybe then he could move the task into where he wants to put it and not have it move to a new section.

I don’t understand what you mean there…

Not sure I understand the link.

So when a task is assigned to me, I am able to move it to my task in another section that I have created. For instance, due tomorrow. But it doesn’t move the task that everyone else sees, it stays in the same place. If he moves it, it moves the task from the section it is currently and moves it to a new section.

Correct, this is by design. See this post for details:

In particular, note:

you won’t be able to see how they’ve organized their tasks, reorder their tasks, or create and manage sections.