Cannot drag & drop tasks under individual profiles anymore

Under an individual person’s name where it lists assigned tasks, I used to be able to easily move higher priority tasks up the list - now I cannot seem to move any of them no matter what I have tried.

Hi @Robin_Foley and welcome back to the Forums!

Asana recently changed how My Tasks work and now in order to make edits to someone else’s My Tasks you will need to be given Permission to do so by that person. You can find more details under the My Tasks Membership section of this part of the Asana Guide.

If this doesn’t fix your issue please let us know!

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Thanks; well that completely sucks since I assign all the tasks & manage all the people - I’m glad I have enough time to ask every single one for permission (jk).

@Robin_Foley one strategy you could use to accomplish this is to use the Requesting access to another member’s My Tasks feature. You can find more details in the guide I linked to in my last post but essentially it creates a task for the individual to give you access to their task list. Luckily you only have to do this once for each member!