Drag and Drop task re-ordering for team members


I am the admin for my org. i’d like to be able to see each team member’s assigned tasks (their “My Tasks” screen) and then re-order them according to our business needs by dragging and dropping to an appropriate order. I do this all the time for my own tasks in my “My Tasks” screen, but want to be able to do the same for all members of my org. I know i could log out of my account and then log in under theirs to access their “My Tasks” screen, but am hoping there is a way to do this from my own account as Admin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I just checked and I think you actually can. Search for someone using the search field and you’ll have access to their “My Tasks” view with all the tasks you are allowed to see. And you can change the order.

Personal note: having someone touch my “My Tasks” would make me crazy :angry: but I never had a manager in Asana :man_shrugging:



Are you sure you were able to actually drag and drop their tasks into a new order? When I run that search I can see all their tasks but am not able to drag and drop and re-order them.



Just did with my wife :slight_smile: Careful: I am not “searching” for their tasks, I am searching for them as a user, click on the user, and then see their “My Tasks”

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got it! works perfect. thank you!!

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