Team Lead/Manager's ability to organize their team's task list

Today an important feature for my team was removed from Asana. The ability to re-organize and re-order my team’s task lists. Now, we are unable to move or re-order anyone else’s task list and this causes a lot of issues with our workflow. We have tasks that need prioritization over others, and we used the re-ordering capability to do this. Please bring that feature back or implement one that allows certain team members with this ability.

Welcome to the Forum @Jenn_Hall and thank you for reaching out!

I believe you are referring to he possibility to view your Team’s task within their My Tasks Calendar. This responded to an update we were rolling out regardingMy Tasks but I wanted to let you know we have temporarily rolled this update back and that our Team is currently evaluating the capability to add back the Calendar view on another user’s Profile view. Hopefully, we will come up with a solution that works best for you!

I’m closing this thread for now Jenn! Sincere apologies if this has affected your workflow! Have a great day!