Add Calendar view for tasks across all Organizations, teams and workspace

I would like to see both my workspace schedule and my teams&organization schedule at the same time in my homepage calendar. Is this possible? It would be really useless if it’s not possible.

Hi @Elbruz_Keskin, welcome to the Community Forum!

This is a great question, it’s currently not possible to see a calendar in your Homepage with tasks across different Workspaces or Organizations/Teams. I really think this could be a great feature! I’ve gone ahead and sent your request to our team in the Voice of the Customer Program.

I’ve also moved this thread to the product feedback category to allow other users to upvote :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

Dear Emily, Asana’s main target is to help users to organize their work, right? so if I am going to use it as my one & only organizer, I have to see my tasks, my meetings, my personal schedule like my wive’s birthday and even the dates of my bills in one place and of course there must be a “reminder!”, Could you please share this requirement.

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Of course @Elbruz_Keskin! I completely understand and I’ll share your request, thank you so much for sharing the extra information :+1: