Asana Release Notes January 2021

Happy new year folks! :champagne::tada:

Please find below our first release notes of 2021:

  • New Asana Basics course : Brush up on the basics of Asana with our new and improved Learn Asana Basics course in the Asana Academy.
  • Grid view on My Tasks : The new grid view on My Tasks keeps your task details organized so you can focus on what needs to be done. Learn how to use My Tasks to stay organized.
  • Goal history : View a history of changes to your team’s Goals in Asana. Learn all about [Goals in Asana]{Goals • Asana).
  • Team privacy settings control in Admin console : Admins can now change the default privacy settings of newly created teams (Public to Organization vs. Membership by Request) via the Admin console. Explore the Admin console
  • Dashboard improvements : Drill down to specific slices of data in dashboard charts just by clicking, and open dashboard charts in lightbox to see more data up close. Learn all about Dashboards

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below and if you’d like to share some feedback, head over tho the #productfeedback section!


Hi @Marie, couldn’t find any information on the new ‘Overview’ tab coming to projects. Noticed the following when clicking on ‘Progress’ in a project:


Hi @Ben_Brenner, we’ll be sharing more info early next week! Keep an eye on the #announcements category :slight_smile:


Am I missing something or is there STILL no way to do a double sort in “My Task” screen - i.,e. sort by Project and by Due Date within project on the “My Tasks” screen - or better yet “No Sort” so you get the Today/Later/Upcoming and then sort by Date within those sections. Is is me or is this not a thing? If this is still not a thing, how is that even possible? This is such basic functionality and you even have it within each project. Without this the My Tasks view is so inefficient. Please???

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Hi @Cindi_Delany,

Asana is in the process, over the next months, of overhauling the My Tasks view so as to have it work much more like a regular project. While we don’t know if it will have the specific sort functionality you mention, we should keep our fingers crossed and be hopeful!


This new release has made sidebar claustrophobic for me.

Precious vertical space in sidebar is lost with the large Invite Teammates and Help & Getting Started labels where I could view at least 3 project names more.

The text “Invite People” under every Team Name already feels distracting from the relevant text (my team names, project names), when a simple + symbol in a round placeholder (like the images for members already assigned to project) works fine or at most the one word - Invite.

This new development at the bottom of the sidebar is incredibly off-putting and I am not one to casually hand out hard comments on software I use for free, but please, this has gone too far and has made the sidebar claustrophobic for me to use, leaving only 4 projects in view at any given time. This … does not sit right.

If possible, kindly undo this change. The padding in Favourites and Reports labels could be adjusted as well.



Where did “project information” go?
I used to click on the little “i” next to the project name and write there the project info, instead of that I have goals…
How can I get the information back?


@George_Shufany it seems you might already have access to a feature that is publicly rolling out later next week. More to come on that but you’ll like find your project details in what is now the Overview tab


Thank you for you quick response


I find it really frustrating as our Asana admin to log in and see the Conversations tab is now called Messages and the Progress tab is gone and replace (and very much changed) on the Overview tab. My frustration is that 1) I didn’t know before it happened, and 2) I’m not scrambling to communicate with all my different business units to explain why their process is “broken”, update their team docs, and roll out the announcements to their teams.

Why are big UI changes like this managed and communicated to the admins in plenty of time before being made live on our instance?

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Really happy about the admin console improvements - I just used this feature and it’s very helpful.


@Heather_Beaudoin these updates have been announced in our #announcements category as soon as they rolled out -> Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages.

If you aren’t yet, I’d recommend you to Follow our Announcements category to keep up to date with what’s new in Asana! 📨 - #5

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Yes I see that, but my point is being surprised there’s no warning “before they roll out” so I can prepare our teams for the changes so they’re not putting in a lot of tickets asking where the Progress tab or Conversations tab went. It seems very strange to me to just release major changes without warning so we can communicate it and update training/documentation for all teams before we are all surprised by it being live.


Thanks for the feedback @Heather_Beaudoin; we did have an in-product message indicating that the “Project progress was soon moving a new Overview tab” last week but sounds like some of your teammates might have missed it! I’ve noted your feedback and will share it with our team for future launches. Thanks!


I didn’t see it either. It’s not about the features themselves… they look great. But I’m really left scrambling with teams being disrupted while I drop what I’m doing, learn the new features, update our doc/training, and communicate out process changes to the teams. Thanks for taking note, but I have a feeling this must be a standard practice to just roll out features without adequate notice to admins so they can properly support their users. We’re new to Asana this year so learning how you work, and our users are already hesitant and unsure of Asana, and changes like this that come as a surprise really stress them out. :slight_smile:


I noticed this as well, a smallish in-product message is honestly not enough for most people. They get messaged and notifications all day – asana messages are at the bottom of the priority just like messages from adobe or microsoft would be. A more prominent “warning” with a bit more time as a heads up would be great.

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One of the really frustrating things about my tasks is when you add a new task it opens at the bottom of your tasks, if you have hundreds of tasks this is a real pain as you have to scroll to the bottom. Are there plans to improve this?

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I’ve had major problems with this, we are a large team and we now have people trying to use the new overview who have never used reporting. It needs to be controlled by us the clients being able to switch on new major release functionality or at least give us notice that it is coming


@Vanessa_Gardner, could you please create a fresh thread in the #tipsandtricks section with additional details so we can help you with this? Thanks