Asana Release Notes January 2024

Happy New Year everyone :sparkles:

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

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Hello! Very excited about all these changes! Just one question: should we have a “Group By” button in the list view? I’m only seeing this in the board view but see it listed in the documentation that is linked to above:

Hi @Mike_OConnor , I believe that it’s for both List and Board view for My Tasks, however, it is only available for Board view in Projects.

Ahhhh, thank you, @Richard_Sather! I was looking at a project and now I see it in My Tasks. Would be nice eventually in projects too but I know Asana is always cooking up some great updates so time will tell.

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Great update! Thanks team

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Was there any updates to the “tabbed view” for the Asana Desktop app?

For the updates to the Gantt view (commenting), your documentation doesn’t seem to describe how to access this capability nor demonstrate it. Am I missing it in the help articles? Thanks!

Excited for these changes! The Gnatt view would be helpful to my organization to share high-level project timelines with our external clients. If an external client was added as a project member to a board using the Gnatt view could that member be given comment-access to just the Gnatt view and be restricted from toggling to the board’s other views (e.g. list view, timeline view, etc.)? If this is possible would the Gnatt view need to be the default view for the board?

@Emily_Roman Thanks for the update! I seem to have a new feature that isnt listed, but that my coworkers do not have. I also cant seem to find anything in the forum about it. There are now 3 task view options once I open a task in Full Screen: Narrow View, Wide View and Description View. I love these options and shared the news with some folks, but they cant see the same thing I do. Can you provide any insight into if/when this will be rolled out to all users? Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Kristen_Wheeler,

It’s an A/B test that Asana is currently running through Feb. 2, at which point they’ll decide whether to add it to the product for everyone or roll it back.


Thank you so much @Phil_Seeman :slight_smile:

Is the new Capacity Planner included in January '24 updates?

This particular release is a gamechanger! :fire: Curious to know if this update will expand to Outlook as well?

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Yes hopefully later this year @Kanisha, stay tuned!


No, but keep stay tuned, we’ll share more in the News category really soon :slight_smile:


Love it! Thanks Marie :blush:

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It seems there is also something new this month: “This task is due soon” notifications appearing in the Inbox.

Can we disable that?

Thru Settings > Hacks, i was able to set “Disable notifications for tasks starting & due today”, thanks god.
But this new thing still clutter my inbox.
I have “My tasks” for this information already.

Thank you

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Hi @Roman5, the task due soon notification is currently part of an A/B test, and it will run for a couple of weeks. As it stands, it’s currently not possible to disable this inbox notification. I will share your feedback with our product team as they analyse the results of the test and decide whether to launch this feature or not. Thanks for your feedback!


This is entirely frustrating. I am getting 30-50 PER DAY on top of the 100s of team comms. Started about two weeks ago. When is this going to stop? Why does Asana offer the ability to dsable and then test it by NOT doing it???

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