Asana Release Notes May 2021

Hi all,

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Boards view on My Tasks : With this update, you’ll be able to view your My Tasks on a board, list, or calendar, customize sections and columns, and add rules to automate actions. This update will be rolling out over the next few months. Look for an in-product announcement in your My Tasks to start trying Boards View, creating customizable sections, and adding Rules. In the meantime, check out these four ways to organize your MyTasks.

  • New color options in Project Dashboards : Dashboard charts now include relevant colors from custom fields. You can also change the color scheme of your charts from the Edit Chart dialog.

  • Customize your email notifications : Fine tune your email notifications with new setting options. Choose to receive all activity updates, or turn off most updates while still receiving emails for new tasks assigned, direct messages, and new @mentions. Update your preferences in your profile settings.

  • Goals reminders : Reminders help you keep your Goals up to date and ensure that stakeholders have an accurate picture of how they’re progressing. Built-in reminders will prompt you to add a progress metric, add updates, and close out a Goal one week before its due date.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post below! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the release note for May 2021!

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The new Board view for My Tasks opens up some interesting possibilities…The Lean side of me thinks this might be an effective way to do a personal Work-In-Process (WIP) board that is more visual than the previous List view. Thanks for the release notes!


I would like to be able to set this for my team as a default.

Is there anyway to ensure that when we send a message to all members of a project that they all stay looped in on replies? At the moment, only people who reply get added as followers to a thread and that means everyone else other than the initial follower/submitter looses context.


Hi @lilrkt, great question!

Currently, when sending a Message to a project, all Members of that project will be automatically notified. You can see this at the bottom of the Message draft where it says X amount of people will be notified :slight_smile:

To keep in the loop with responses, these Members would need to be added as Collaborators to receive subsequent notifications. At this time, it’s not possible to include all Members on message reply notifications.

OK, it makes it a little tricky then to reply by email or app because if I have ten people I need to manually looop them in

This is forcing us to keep convos in slack which is a bummer.


Will the Board Views extend to a created report such as “My Team’s Tasks” where I can see the list of all of my team’s assigned tasks. As a manager I need this to see how my team is loaded. I can do this but there is no Kanban board option.


Hi @Lisa_Hagin , great question! This Board view update will not apply to reports. At this time, reports can be shown in List or Calendar view only :slight_smile:

Thank you for the swift response. Is there a roadmap or plan to allow this type of Kanban view in the future to see My Team’s tasks? It’s a component in JIRA that people really like and they really note when they don’t have it in Asana.


Hello, I would suggest you create a project for your team’s tasks. The project allows you to use kanban/board view.

Thank you for your suggestion but my team participates in many many different projects across many teams. If I created a Project how could I “aggregate” all of the tasks assigned to my team from all different projects in this one project?


I thought my tasks was rolling out by the end of May

Totally agree, this is the big thing that frustrates our users

Hello lisa , please how i can do that still the board view not appeared on my tasks.

Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for the new Release notes, Please need to ask the board view not appear yet on my account.

Also need to know how goals reminder work how can i apply it on my team.

Rollout of the update to the new My Tasks is still in progress, you may need to wait a few more weeks or more. The latest we’ve heard is that Premium users are being updated now through about the end of May; Business and Enterprise users starting around the end of May.


Good stuff!

Please add descending/ascending and combined sorting to the projects… that’s like basic functionality for everything list based. You can’t expect people to scroll 3 pages to see the latest task that’s been added.

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While I appreciate the My Tasks rollout being done thoughtfully, for those of us Business users who are fairly new to Asana, we have been left in limbo on getting our own daily productivity streamlined. All reports about My Tasks v2 have been that the changes are SO significant from V1, that workflows have had to be fully recreated and reworked - basically a lot of hassle for users to migrate. For me, as a new user, I chose to avoid wasting the time to learn V1, as it was reported V2 would be rolled out to Business users at the end of May. That hasn’t happened for me and my team yet, and we are left without a VITAL aspect of our workflow and productivity.

So, now with the other thread on this matter being closed, and a final message posted that seems to be a “you’ll get it when you get it”. That leaves me having to figure out whether I take the time now to go back and learn My Tasks v1 and take the time away from actual work to integrate our hundreds of tasks and multiple active projects into a system that is going to be replaced by V2; in the hope that we won’t keep losing valuable time in the interim. Or if I and my team need to just wait it out and muddle through without a useful My Tasks page, hoping that those of us who are paying for the higher tier accounts will migrate sooner than later.

Honestly, if I had known back in early May, that as of June 5th, Business clients STILL would not have been migrated to V2, I would have probably opted to work with v1, knowing I’d have to do it ALL over again when we finally got V2. I understand that there are likely many business/enterprise users not eager to get the V2 migration, due to the huge migration/rework that has to be done to get to efficiency again. But for a new user that recently came to Asana because of a business that has SO many moving pieces and parts handled by a very small team, this is a limbo that is very frustrating and costing us valuable time. Keeping vital tasks from slipping through the cracks is one of the reasons we opted to become Asana Business customers. Sadly, there have been things slipping through the cracks while waiting for the v2 migration.

Just curious: would it be correct to assume that the free and premium users got the migration first, so that the non-paying/lower paying Asana customers would be the ones to go through the guinea pig stage on V2? Otherwise, it does seem rather odd that the higher paying customers would be the last to be upgraded. I’d think early upgrades/rollouts would be a perk of being a higher priced account.

Regardless, I just wish they’d migrate us, so I can finally utilize custom rules and actually customize what will work best for me to fully stay on top of my daily workflow.


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