Asana Release Notes March 2024

Hi all,

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Mobile session time out: Enhance your productivity on Asana mobile now that session timeouts are disabled by default.

  • ID custom field: Easily identify tasks in your project by adding an ID custom field.

  • “Actual time” in Workload: Add actual time as an effort field in Workload to compare to the estimated time.

  • AI usage limits: View AI usage limits through the billing tab in the Admin console.

  • Smart digests in projects: Stay informed and get up to speed on notable changes in your project with a summary of recent project activity with Smart digests.

  • New triggers and conditions: Trigger actions in rules based on start date and date custom fields.

  • Block new “shared with org” projects: control who can make new “Shared with Org” projects in your organization.

  • Bundles in Portfolios: Quickly add a bundle to all projects in a portfolio from the bundles dashboard.

  • Microsoft Intune Integration (iOS): protect corporate data by applying security policies on mobile with Asana’s Microsoft Intune integration.

  • Organization wide share setting in Projects: Allow projects to be shared across the entire organization with the “share with organization” privacy setting.

  • Asana + Google Sheets & Slides Smart Chips: Link Asana tasks, projects, goals, & status updates in Google Sheets & Slides.

  • Sort and filter connected Goals in Portfolio view: Sort and filter by connected Goals in Portfolio view to quickly create views by shared goals.

  • Admin announcements for divisions: publish an announcement exclusively to the members of your division in the Division Admin console.

  • "Group by” in list view : group tasks in list view by custom fields.

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Just got back from vacation and missed out on all the exciting updates. Time to quickly catch up before more new features roll out!



Release notes contain following snippet:

I’d managed to find a custom rule trigger for when start date is changed or value removed, and trigger for when custom date field is changed or value removed.

I’d managed to set custom date field value in a rule action.

But I couldn’t set “start date” and could find a trigger neither for when “start day” is approaching or passed (similarly to due date) nor when “custom date field” day is approaching or passed.

Is there gradual rollout of the feature and it hadn’t yet reached my account / organization, or am I expecting too much?



The only new functionality is:

  • Trigger on Start date change or custom date field change
  • Set or clear a custom date field due date

More may be coming but nothing has been promised.



I’d also like to see options for more dynamic date references, vs just being able to select specific calendar dates. E.g., “If [custom date field] is 3 days away, do X.”

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Why is that stated in the following form?

Doesn’t it mean that there should be capability to set “Start date”? :slight_smile:


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Hi @Myroslav_Opyr, thanks for reaching out and reporting this! I see the wording in the post mentioned “Set start date” and this option is actually not available at the moment. As @lpb mentioned, you can currently create triggers and conditions when the start date is changed. I have gone ahead and updated the post to avoid any confusion!

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