Asana Release Notes September 2023

Hi all,

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Org-wide goal templates and types: Standardize how everyone in an organization writes goals with 3 fixed org-wide goal types and customizable templates.

  • Goals CSV export: Export company goals, team goals, and status update data into a spreadsheet.

  • Goals description text editor upgrade: The goal description text editor now supports headers, tables, inline images, and more.

  • Set tasks to repeat on a certain day of the month: Select a specific weekday for recurring tasks when setting a task to repeat monthly.

  • Universal workload filters: Use filter options in universal workload for a more targeted view of the work you want to see. Select from filters like “Task completion status,” “Include tasks from,” “Subtasks filter,” and more.

  • Advanced formula custom fields: Create more complex formulas in custom fields with the advanced formula builder.

  • Update text and numeric custom fields with rules: Create a rule action to set the value of a numeric or text custom field when a rule is triggered. See how.

  • Updates to saved views: Now, there are more ways to customize saved views. Add, remove, reorder, and rename project views. Save multiple copies of the same view with different filters, sorts, and section collapse configurations.

  • Custom project tab icons: Replace default project tabs based on the layout with an emoji. Start the tab name with an emoji for it to become the tab icon. Get some tips on the power of using emojis.

  • Project sharing permissions enhanced: Project admins can now customize who can share a project and modify members. Learn more.

  • Asana + Google Docs smart chips: With Google Docs smart chips, @-mention Asana tasks directly into a Google Doc to surface relevant data from Asana and maintain visibility on workflow progress.

  • Asana + Jira cloud data sync: Improve collaboration and strategic planning with a two-way sync to automate updates between designated fields in Asana and Jira.


Hi @Emily_Roman,
Thanks for the update, I’ve literally been waiting for this Asana smart chips to roll out since the announcement last year. Question though… the help article reads

Using Google smart chips, teams can @-mention Asana tasks directly into a Google Doc to surface relevant data from Asana and maintain visibility on workflow progress.

However, I’m only able to surface the chip when i paste a link from asana into a Google Doc. I was hoping that by enabling asana from within my Google workspace i could in fact @-mention and get a prompt to select an asana task to attach. Is that functionality pending or no? Is it possible this a user-error issue I’m facing?

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I had the release pushed to my app this morning and it’s messed up the layout badly putting the background picture on top so I can’t really see the text. The browser version works fine. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Taking away the background doesn’t help as it gets stuck saying it’s syncing.

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