New! Emojis in project saved views tabs

Hi Community,

Emojis have a special place in my heart so I am excited to have the opportunity to share this new feature with you all.

Originally, each tab in a project would have static default icons based on the layout type.

On August 29th, all Asana users will be able to spice things up with custom emojis: simply start the tab name with an emoji of your choice, it will automatically become the tab icon.

Reminder: on Mac OS you can use Ctrl+Cmd+Space to get an emoji keyboard, on PC it is Window+;!



CleanShot 2023-08-14 at 17.03.07

Beyond the feature

Emojis are not for kids: they are actually pretty useful. I wrote about emojis extensively, you can find some of my posts below.

Let us know what you think about this upcoming feature!

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Grate thing! But for me it’s not replaced, it’s additional one :yum:


There’s no blank space before emoji

@Marie this is definitely not working :slight_smile: maybe the deployment was postponed?

This is rolling out in the next few hours, so keep an eye out on your accounts. :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing what everyone is thinking!

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Thanks for the tip, it works


but it is not working in “my tasks” :disappointed_relieved:

You can’t rename tabs in My Tasks so not yet indeed.

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would be nice to use an emoji as the Project icon too please. Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work. For example Veg Garden project if a Carrot Emoji Icon. :carrot:

Hello @Matthew5,

this is possible for Enterprise accounts, see here.
Alternatively you can always add an emoji in the project name.

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Oh, I’m starting to use that in my tasks and I’m having fun! :slight_smile:

I am leaving a question about the emoji feature. When renaming the project name, is inserted an emoji possible on all plans such as premium, business, and enterprize?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Susie2 :wave:
Yes it works on all plans.