Emojis everywhere! 🎉


Surprise everyone; you can now find Emoji’s everywhere in Asana!

We heard your feedback and we’re happy to announce that, as of a few days ago, you can now use emojis in task & project names in Asana, as well as custom fields! This makes it easy for Teams to distinguish between similar projects (1:1 meeting Projects, for example) with an emoji. Give your task name some :heart: or even add your favorite emoji as a custom field.

Asana’s expanded formatting options mean you can now cut and paste your :heart:s directly from your Tasks (or https://getemoji.com/) directly into your custom fields & titles for a little extra flair.


Emojis in tags are awesome
Feature request: support emojis
Better Custom Field Type Options
Emojis in tags are awesome

This is excellent! I especially like the possibilities of using emojis as custom fields. :+1:


So happy about this! Thanks so much @Michael_A and team!


Would it also be possible to get the BOLD and UNDERLINE available in the custom fields?


How do you add them? The old system of typing : and then the emoji name? I tried that and it’s not working. Thanks


I’d like to know the best way as well. I had to type them into the description or comment box, then copy & paste them into the task or project title.


exactly. weird that there is no description on how to do this. unless the roll out isn’t universal yet.


Ditto - how does one actually add them, as there’s no input selector…?


I’ve just been copying and pasting from here: https://getemoji.com/


On Mac computers you can always use the key command CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR to let the emoji-picker-palette appear, but that’s a MacOS feature and I don’t know if there is something similar on Windows or Linux systems…


For Windows, windows key + . brings up the emojis


amazing i had no idea. thank you


Boo. The keyboard shortcut doesn’t work for me even though I’m running Windows 10 and have the correct language settings. But I don’t have time to search for a solution so I guess I’ll just have to continue to copy and paste for now. :frowning:


Hey @Crystal_Alifanow :wave:

Have you tried cut & pasting emojis from the text formatting options that expand when you click into a task description or comment section?

Try it out! :slight_smile:


Hey @Paul_Reich
Try cut & pasting your emojis from the text formatting options that expand when you click into a task description or comment section!

You can also cut and paste them from https://getemoji.com as well :slight_smile: