🚀 Use emojis to triage My Tasks

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love emojis. They aren’t just fun, they have a real purpose in my case, especially within Asana.

Our account holds some specific tasks with their emojis counterpart:

  1. :calendar: for sessions
  2. :bust_in_silhouette: for clients
  3. :money_with_wings: for quotes
  4. :moneybag: for invoices
  5. :euro: for expenses

We don’t have any exceptions to these rules. The benefits are:

  1. we can quickly identify what a task is, without including its role in the name or looking at the project or section it is in
  2. we can quickly triage our My Tasks view, by multi-selecting all sessions and placing them at the top, then all invoices, all quotes etc

We gain so much clarity from them, I am wondering if we could go one step further :thinking: any thoughts?

:fr: Version française


:100: completely agree!


This :arrow_up: is a definite reason to up my emoji game!

Can I use :emoji-description: to insert emojis in the task title?

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Hey @Erik_Kramer, here is the answer to your question:
The best emojis for business and work in general


I’m curious how/where you established the precedent for your team. Do you add this to a headquarter “Project” for the company? Is it something you post to every project? Is it in a best practices or handbook? I see so much potential, just curious about the execution.

In our small company we keep things simple but just deciding together. In one of our big clients, we created a project with all the allowed emojis and their meaning.