🥳 TGIF: How do you use emojis in Asana?

Happy Friday everyone! :wave: :grinning:

Today is World Emoji Day :partying_face: and for the occasion, we’d love to hear what emojis mean to you and how you’re using them in Asana!

Emojis are fast becoming a respected and absolutely essential way to communicate more effectively at work. Emojis are also a great way to add more context to your comments, titles and tasks’ descriptions in Asana. They’re an easy and efficient way to acknowledge :white_check_mark: or respond to news and updates :+1: and everyone has their own favorite emoji and style :tipping_hand_woman:

Onboarding projects are a great example of how emojis can be used to add more information to tasks and projects. For example, you can use :movie_camera: to indicate that a task contains a video or :books: for reference tasks including articles.

If you’re interested in learning how to use emojis strategically and with ease, I highly recommend you to check out this great thread from our Certified Pro @Bastien_Siebman :star_struck:

And of course, we’d :heart: to learn more about how you use emojis in your day to day work and in Asana, so please share your experience in the comments below :point_down: and don’t hesitate to share some screenshots if you wish to! :camera_flash:


Sometimes I use one of these little infographics at the start of each of a set of task or subtask titles:

:white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: 0%

:black_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: 20%

:black_large_square::black_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: 40 %

:black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: 60%

:black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::white_large_square: 80%

:black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square: 100%



@Bastien_Siebman can you also advise how you Celebrated Wold Emoji Day?

I try and try to use Emoji’s but I really struggle to find the appropriate ones… But its a work in Progress…



Everyday is Emoji day for me.

Next time ask me :stuck_out_tongue:


I love using emojis is task titles, but I also find them super useful in project titles! They can be great to illustrate your project, or just to help you quickly identify a specific project in your sidebar!


You will get Spammed on Slack now…

First one I could find was a good one to represent a Team? ie Mutliple People not a department or functional team.



:trophy: or :1st_place_medal: or :handshake: or anything related to sport?
or related to family :family_man_woman_girl_boy:


I use emojis ALL THE TIME for my work with the United Philanthropy Forum’s Knowledge Management Collaborative. We move back and forth between Slack and Asana, internally and externally, so emojis are key for reducing noise and improving quick communication. Can you guess what some of my most-used emojis mean, @Emily_Roman?

:eyes: :memo: :rotating_light: :film_projector: :notebook: :woman_teacher:


cc @kim_unitedphilforum

Great question @Brooke_Petit, I use very similar emojis but some of them are new to me. Let’s see if I can guess!

:eyes: this is a difficult one :grin: keeping a close eye?
:memo: reference task
:rotating_light: alert! Highlight something very important
:film_projector: I use it to indicate there is a video in the task
:notebook: I usually add notebooks emojis for reference task
:woman_teacher: onboarding/training project

I’m curious to know if the emojis mean the same for you!

What a genius. Thank you for the tip!


:eyes: Ahhh, yes you got it. I use this to me, “I’m looking into this” “I’m paying attention” “I’m following” “I’m interested in the answer”
:memo: Same page! I use this to mean, “This is a piece of documentation”
:rotating_light: Totally. Alert! As in, “Action is required on your part, read me!”
:film_projector: Yes! We have lots of recordings, so I use this to state when a recording is up on our website.
:notebook: Good to know! I use this to mean, “you have homework.” At my job, we have members that take on additional volunteer roles (facilitating discussions, etc) so this calls out when they have something to do.
:woman_teacher: I totally want to throw this on my onboarding/training projects now. :smiley: We use it very similarly to mean we are hosting a training session!

Thanks for the fun question @Emily_Roman.


I use emojis all the time!

I find that when I have a super long name for a Project or a Section, emojis are a really concise, efficient way to communicate what I need.

Ex. Instead of naming my Project “2019-2020 Awards, Honors, and Nominations,” I simply called it " :trophy:19-20" — which was super helpful in the My Tasks view where a long Project name gets truncated.


I :heart: emojis! On the spectrum of communication bandwidth, emojis takes text-only one step closer to in-person communication. :nerd_face:

We use Asana teams for grouping of operational movement. :eyes:

Emojis style and label each team and underlying project. :star2:
LXD Asana Mod - Projects

They automatically get repeated throughout the Inbox, hyperlinks, and search. They are simplifying digital collaboration and increasing flow with a more colorful tone. :unicorn:

LXD Asana Mod is our fundamental operational model for all our clients that are being served by https://cloudmate.works/. :fairy:


I use emojis too. They are helpful to highlight key projects (or project types); Milestones; certain types of tasks. For example, a project can have “Reference Materials” section and the section name can start with a :open_book: