Organization Tip of the Day- Emojis

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, which means emojis must be worth at least a dozen :grin: Use emojis to express reactions, emotions, or just plain fun. :blush::smile::sunglasses:

In Asana, you can start with a colon “:” and type the name of the emoji (such as “[colon]tada[colon]” = :tada: ) to add it to comments, descriptions, and more. Try adding emojis today :calendar::white_check_mark:


Hi Kaitie. Is there a guide with the names of all the emojis?

There are a bunch of browser emoji extensions available that are useful. Google: "emoji extension for "

For instance:


Thanks Kaitie and Tom for these tips. Just installed the Chrome Extension I’ll start using more emojis right away! :+1:

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Here are the only emoji’s that work in team/project/task headings. yes I tested them all. I would love if Asana could support a larger range.

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How did you get them to work in project and task headings? The only way I know to type them is with a colon on either side of the emoji name and that doesn’t work for me in project names or tasks headings (sections).

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It might’ve been under the ‘Edit’ menu of my browser, right at the bottom was an ‘emoji and symbol’ section that brought up a box where you select the one you want and it inputs the emoji where the cursor is.

@Dylan_Graham those are the more random set of emoji’s ever. Does anyone know why those are the only ones that work there?

I can think of a few funny, though inappropriate, emojis I would like to see in that list. There are just some emojis that can express your reaction to having 15 tasks created by 15 different people for the same minor bug better than others.

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I think it has something to do with the colon that makes a task into a heading as we’ll as Being used in the emoji code.

I’m using chrome, and I can’t get this to work. I tried :scissors: in the subtask name, but it’s not working … Any advice out there? If I can add emoji’s to subtasks, then I can help my team differentiate between similar tasks assigned to different projects.

I downloaded the emoji addin, and all the methods of inputting emojis work in the body text - just not task and subtask names…

Thanks for the help!

This works for me now if i open the task, put an emoji in the comments field, and then copy it and paste it into the task title.

Hi Dylan, can you post the emoji’s as a message so i can copy them?

FYI we made a big post about emojis and included Dylan ideas The best emojis for business and work in general - #8 by lpb