Recurring tasks show as "Recently Assigned" in My Tasks

I cannot figure out how to get New Tasks that appear in My Tasks to automatically move to the “Later” section rather than just “Recently Assigned” if their due date is outside of the “Upcoming” window.

I have a rule for upcoming - task 1 week away - and another rule for Today - task due today - but cannot figure out what to do to automatically have rules move to Later so that they are out of view.


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Hi @Russ_Kuba, as mentioned here , we are working on a fix for this issue and we hope to have news soon. We’ll share any updates as soon as we have any!

In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing #productfeedback thread for this feature to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

Bad UX now. The later part is now also a big mess, nothing is sorted, not even on date.
Better turn it back on project level which makes it more organized.

Hopefully they fix the later overview as well. One big unorganized mess of tasks you have there now. Better add a filter so you can filter on project or date etc.

Any ETA on this? It’s such a slow down having to manually move recurring tasks into the Upcoming and Later sections each time I check them off. Thanks for working on this!


Just want to add to what everyone else has said here, this is extremely frustrating with lots of recurring tasks and there is no reason for them to not go to the Upcoming or Later section.

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Thank you for keeping us updated Rebecca. I am having this same issue with “recently assigned” as mentioned by several others. I am now wasting time moving recurring tasks out of recently assigned and into the other categories. It would be great if we could enable or disable that feature so those of us who don’t want to use it are not forced to do so. I look forward to any updates you can share.

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This whole rule “feature” is really a disaster. It ruined two essential features while giving us almost no new functionality as a Premium user:

  1. There is no way now to move recurring tasks into upcoming or later upon completion (as discussed here). This is super important when working with recurring tasks, because now we have to manually move all recurring tasks with two clicks per tasks into upcoming. For us recurring tasks are very very common and make up a large percentage of the overall tasks.

  2. To have Asana move tasks with approaching deadline into the Today section I have to manually configure a rule. For a task management tool this should be the default really.

  3. It is now 1.5 months after the introduction of this disaster and still we are stuck with no solution. Is it really so difficult to create a rule template for all paying customers that can at least fix the first case?

I really love Asana but this is annoying every minute, every hour and every day and totally ruins my Asana experience. Please finally fix this asap and in addition I expect Asana to either test features more thoroughly or be prepared to just role back failed features. Asana is an essential productivity tool for us and we can not afford to be the Guinea pigs for half-baked “features”. This undermines our trust in Asana as a platform.
Again, please fix this asap or at least find a proper workaround, this is unacceptable…:frowning:


So going off my original post and the first post, it’s been a month. I literally just want some ETA window for this. Nothing huge, but like, anywhere from six months to a year and a half would be better than this?

Thank you


Hoping we get an update about this soon. It’s creating so much unnecessary work and workflow interruption to have to constantly move repeating tasks from recently assigned. Such a disaster.


Asana, this is killing me, as @Zane_Bartlett has said, some sort of ETA would be really helpful.


Asana team,

Please prioritize this; we are hitting the 2 month mark, and at least give us an ETA.
The rollout of the ‘new tasks’ has been a disaster. Removing core functionality of the Asana product. This issue with recurring tasks causes double work; which wouldn’t be that bad if we would still have the keyboard shortcuts to move tasks around today, upcoming and later.

I think we’ve all been kind to categorize this as ‘product feedback’ and not at what this truly is: a bug.


Hmmm. I don’t know if this was intended, but it seems like when you complete a task it appears in the last section instead now. Did anyone else get this update?

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Yeah I’m seeing this also. I just experienced a bug with this, however. I had a recurring task (recurs M-F) that was due yesterday that I just marked as completed, and it put it in my “Upcoming” section (last section of My Tasks) with the due date as “Today”.

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@Nick_Rattermann I think you experienced that issue because asana’s not running Rules when the task recurs; they’re running rules at midnight in your time zone. In my eyes, this is an oversight, and I’ve already had issues with this exact use case.

In general, I see this update, and aside from the bug Nick’s mentioned, it seems to work ok for me. My last section was “On Ice”, where I put tasks with no due date for later review; with this updated Hack, I added a “Recurring Tasks” section below that, and it’s gathering the recurring tasks there prior to overnight Rules processing.

If asana would run Rules on recurring tasks and sort them on creation, this workflow would be almost there, and I would probably stop crying as much about the missing Tab-Y/U/L shortcuts…

This is definitely a good step in the right direction, but it’s a bit frustrating that it’s just “the last column” because here’s the columns that my team uses in My Tasks:

So “the last column” is most definitely not the section that we want the task to move to. Wish we could select the column we’d like it to move them to.

I also can’t use rules to automate this because rules don’t allow you to have “task not complete” as part of the trigger:

So this would work in theory, but I need it to be “Task Not Complete” instead of “Task Marked Complete”.


Total side question, do you have those icons because of your business or enterprise level subscription or is there something I’m missing?

Anyone can add emojis! See:

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Hi everyone! We have recently fixed the hack and now you can choose to automatically move all recurring tasks to the last section in your My Tasks (previously the Later section).

This hack makes recurring tasks always reappear in the last section of your My Rasks when you complete them instead of the default first section.

You can enable this hack following these steps:

  • Click your profile picture
  • Select My Profile Settings
  • Access the “Hacks” tab and toggle on the option

I’m closing this thread for now but if you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to share more details in a new thread in the #tipsandtricks category! We will be happy to help!