Today is my “My Tasks V2 Day” so where should I start?!?

Today is in fact my “My Tasks V2 Day”. In honor of such, I would like to offer what I put together to get caught up on what this product update has to offer. Stepping through these linked resources helped me get a jumpstart of on My Tasks V2. I hope it does the same for you.

These instructions that are offered upon release as a banner in Asana. The guide also points to this blog post. @lpb has a nice post that refers to an article you won’t want to miss! Check out Your Simple (or Advanced) Strategy for Asana’s Updated My Tasks. As you begin to construct your new My Task experience don’t forget (he won’t let you :wink: ) @Bastien_Siebman advocates for emoji use as described in his post, Use emojis to triage My Tasks. Now some of you might prefer to Use My Tasks as a calendar. Others might be crazy like me and require more context to My Tasks so as workaround is needed, Tip on how to organize your work in a variety of ways (My Tasks Filtering Workaround)

Hopefully this consolidation of resources will help you feel prepared to construct what works best for you! :wink:


Great compendium here, @Jerod_Hillard! Well done (and thanks for including my article too).


Your article is SUPER key in all this. Thanks for putting it together (and keeping it updated!!!) I saved the best for last as I reviewed all the material in preparation for my own setup :wink:

Pending an overnight test, I think I have a nice addition that could weigh into your article. TBD…

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Thanks so much!

I’m looking forward to that!!

Today was my first official day “actually doing anything about the fact that I got My Tasks v.2 on Monday, which at the time all I did was say #!$* out loud and proceed to ignore it for several days”. But that’s a whole separate blog post.

But more seriously, thank you to everyone who posted guides and walkthrough articles as those, combined with Asana’s banner, have gotten me about as far as I think I can go without the known issues of reoccurring >> later automatically. Also I so so want the ability to apply rules to Milestones only! Because THAT would be sweet - escalate Rocks coming due this quarter to their own section of My tasks (I have this now I just do this manually with a report to help).

Also (again mentioned elsewhere) the issue of not being able to retire sections. I tried to delete one and Asana helpfully informed me that my choices were to keep the section and 1,282 completed tasks in it, or delete the section and delete those tasks. Def. not going to spend a lot of time moving them!


Do you know if this is already a #productfeedback item?

Just wanted to make sure you knew you can move all 1,282 in bulk to a new section. See here: Selection of more than 50 tasks - #25 by Jerod_Hillard

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Bummer @lpb. My test failed. I reported what I was trying to do in this post, Allow user to define a specific order of rule execution - #5 by Jerod_Hillard

I didn’t see in your article where you mentioned how you were automating the process of tasks getting promoted to the “pending” section. Had my test been successful I was going to suggest automating those items that block tasks due soon.

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Too bad, @Jerod_Hillard. The rules facility in Asana is pretty basic, and I don’t think the third-party automation apps offer a task is blocked rule, so I think you may have to wait to automate this.

I don’t think I’d want to automate that anyway because use of dependencies, to me, is trying to automate this away from my tracking those and letting the system do it–primarily. So for the few I need to keep an eye on, I’d add a follow-up task or subtask assigned to me.

I use that Pending section manually, as you surmised. (The article lists all the automation I currently have in effect.)



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Same. I’m just often asked to help when work stalls out because of some hurdle. While I would love to let the system do it’s thing, that often requires others reach out proactively for support. We aren’t quite there yet so automating what I can keep a close eye on would be resourceful.

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