🎥 I changed the sections of My Tasks, again

The My Tasks view in Asana changes everything: once you learn how to use it, nothing stops you. I recently made a small change that made all the difference.
In fact, I’ve changed all the sections of my “My Tasks” to make it 100% mine, according to my needs.

Want to discover this change? I invite you to take a look at this video, where I explain everything.

What about you? Are you a fan of making changes or of the basic “My Tasks”? :smirk:


@Bastien_Siebman I’ve never really used Sections in My Tasks, primarily because the moment I put a Due Date on the task, they get taken out of the Section!

I’d love to use them more and will Google how to do it in the Asana App.

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Solved: I had to unselect the “Order by Due Date”! Simple as…


I’ve done this as well. We use Asana primarily for triaging internal operational service requests and incidents, as well as longer term initiatives and user management. I’ve created buckets within My Tasks - I still use “Do Today” and some of the other defaults, but I have a separate section for tasks that are awaiting others, open tickets and enhancements with third party vendors, and active work vs backlog. I now use My Tasks for primary day-to-day task management, and only have to go into projects when new requests are submitted to triage them, and for periodic report outs and follow ups on tasks that are assigned to others. Customizing My Tasks has totally changed the game, and I love that I can set what bucket it’s in regardless of where I am in the system!

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Ooh, I like the option of using sections as a “snooze button”! I’m going to try that out, thanks.

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I’m seduced by the Snooze sections !
How do you do that please? :slight_smile:

Fantastic, @Bastien_Siebman! Yes, it definitely helps. I’m trying out some of your techniques for prioritization and the genius snooze sections. Great idea to streamline control of due dates. Thank you. :+1:

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The rule is “Task added to section > Add X days + move task to Later” :slight_smile:


Would you elaborate on “Add X days”? I don’t see that as a trigger.

Hi! Thanks for this video! Can you tell me how to use the second feature where you reference moving a task to tomorrow, 3 days, 1 week etc. I don’t know how to implement that feature.

To answer both of your questions, the trigger is “Task added to section (3d)” and the action is “Update due date: +3” :slight_smile: does it help?

Oh, thank you. It doesn’t work with fixed/assigned due dates.

Yes indeed, because you want to have a “date to work on” different from the “due date”. Which is a hard use case…