How to organize tasks by due date without moving sections?


Hi all! New to Asana here, so I have a couple of questions regarding organizing tasks. Currently, I have my tasks organized into different sections, and within each section, by due date. However, I’m running into two problems:

  1. I have to manually organize my tasks by due date. If I click “Change View” and “Sort by Due Date,” this will push all of my section headers to the bottom of the page and organize all of my tasks by due date above, removing them from their section headers.

  2. I have daily tasks set up to reoccur every day. However, when a new day starts, these daily tasks don’t reappear in their appropriate section. Instead, they appear in some other section because Asana wants to organize them by due date and is ignoring the section headers.

How do I sort my tasks by due date but keep them in their appropriate sections? And how can I have daily tasks reoccur within their appropriate sections? Thank you!

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Hi @Marc_Yu welcome to the community.

Hopefully I can help out.

  1. Yes unfortunately at present sorting within sections is a limitation as you have found. There is a number of changes being rolled out with regards to how Asana handles sections, they are becoming more like Columns within Board projects. If you search within the community for “Sections are dead” you will see a number of post giving the details. Also if you search for “Sorting” you see a number of suggestions of possible work arounds. Based on what I know I think your sorting with sections will be available once the rollout is complete.

  2. This is strange a recurring task should inherit all of the same values as its parent with the expections of comments and due date. Can you confirm that the parent task is associated to a project and the required section. Maybe post a screen shot of one.

Hopefully this helps…




Hi Jason, thank you for the response!

Regarding the first issue, scrolling through past forum posts from other contributors, I can see that people have requested this feature since 2017. Out of curiosity, do you know if Asana has announced when their new changes are expected to roll out?

For the second issue, I’ve attached two pictures to this post. In the first, you can see that I have a section dedicated to daily tasks. In the second, you’ll find that my daily tasks, due tomorrow, have been pushed to the very bottom of my task list. Perhaps I haven’t assigned them to their appropriate section correctly? Please let me know.

[Edit: It appears that Asana only allows new users to post one picture at a time. I’ll be uploading these pictures in additional posts below.





Hi @Marc_Yu

No sorry don’t know when it will be rolled out, I would suggest following the post and then you will get an update when it has been.

With regards to your second concern and the screen shots.

The reason is that you are in your “My Task View” which is all the of the tasks that are assigned to you. Whilst you can create sections like what you have done, Things will automatically move between “Later”, “Upcoming” and “Today” based on due dates.
Suggest you have a read of these two help articles;


Also suggest you have a look at the Asana Academy and do some of the suggested training’s.

Based on your screen shots I think what you are trying to achieve is that for Daily Tasks that when you complete it, it automatically appears back in the “Daily Task Section” this is not possible currently within Asana.

Hope this helps.