✅ I changed the sections of My Tasks again

:exploding_head: The My Tasks view in Asana is a game changer: if you learn how to use it properly, and customise its sections, nothing can stop you. I recently made a slight change that makes all the difference.

The default sections are "Recently Assigned, “Today”, “Upcoming”, “Later” with a few various wording over the years.

A few months ago, I customised the sections for “Recently Assigned”, “Meetings”, “Top priority”, “Important”, “Secondary”, “Later”. As you can see, I triage based on priority, and not only time (I still sort by due date in each section).

My biggest problem: I was spending my day triaging “Recently assigned” and was completely ignoring my “Top priority” tasks until late in the day.

So I decided to do something strange: I moved the “Recently Assigned” section down, below the “Top Priority”.

So now the first thing I see are my top priorities, and then I see things I need to triage.

Works great so far!


Again!? :sweat_smile:

(can we have a list of the different versions? :grin:)

I realised this was written a few weeks ago, I indeed changed again with Must-Should-Could :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile: I started with the MSCW system, but I forgot how many times I changed that thing.

@Bastien_Siebman, Please post updates only when you don’t change your My Tasks Sections to simplify :smile:


My Tasks is such a game changer and I’m amazed at those I work with who don’t even look at it!

I realize my use case is somewhat unique; but I’ve broken mine down into the various types of tasks – quoting, ordering, review, training, and a catchall – “Backburner”. When things get busy, I can easily keep focused on one type of task at a time.


I changed it to fix the Eisenhower matrix.

  1. High priority/High Urgency = Do Today
  2. High Priority/Log Urgency = Delay
  3. Low Priority/High Urgency = Delegate
  4. Low Priority/Low Urgency = Delete (in most cases)

This has been so helpful in making sure my workload is realistic!

I think the point of the Eisenhower matrix is to schedule High Priority/Low Urgency tasks rather than delay them. Otherwise, the matrix prioritizes urgency over importance.

You’re 100% right. I just used the word “delay” for alliteration :slight_smile:

Well, in that case, carry on good sir!

I have a “Hot” section that I created. Moving that above my “Recently Assigned” :grin: