💡 Use My Tasks as a calendar

Did you know you can turn your My Tasks view into a daily calendar? First, use a calendar emoji in front of tasks that represent an event. And make sure to have a due date and due time. Last step: each morning when reviewing tasks, manually sort them at the top of the list :+1:

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Thanks for the tip, @Bastien_Siebman! :sparkles: Do you also use Calendar view or will this only work in List view? :slight_smile:


I hate the Calendar view :sweat_smile: never ever use it… too crowded and usually too many colors.


Oh, this is a cool little trick @Bastien_Siebman! Might have to give this a go sometime but it would be easier if I didn’t have to manually add all my meetings into Asana as tasks.

@Emily_Roman I use the Calendar view on My Tasks almost exclusively. I find it extremely helpful to organize my week and quickly see how I am progressing each day towards the goal of completing all the tasks for that day. It does have lots of colors and can seem a little crowded when you first start using it but I find the colors helpful to sort out which task goes with which project and the drag-and-drop feature to quickly change the due dates on tasks is also really helpful! I am planning on writing up a Use Case post on using the Calendar view at some point but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Interesting @Matt_Dickinson! I personally only use List view and sections to prioritize work and I’m always wondering if it would be better to use My Tasks as a calendar instead. Looking forward to read your use case!


@Emily_Roman I think that since the list view is the default option along with the fact that it might have a bit more functionality and flexibility than the calendar view since you can have custom sections and the displaying of tags so it makes sense that more folks use it. I think that if you have a really good workflow set-up using list-view where you utilize sections and tags then it would probably be hard to transition to the calendar view and lose that functionality.

That being said, in the calendar view you gain the functionality of seeing the workload across each day during the week and if you are more of a visual person (like I am) this is useful to quickly realize what days you have too much and what days you have too little (the drag and drop functionality to change the due dates is extremely useful for this). It’s also rewarding to see the tasks and sub-tasks turn complete as you move through the week so you know you are getting the work done!

I think the best view to use for My Tasks all comes down to the individual user and what they find the most useful for their situation and workflows. The fact that Asana has these different views built-in is one of the best parts about the tool! You are able to find which one works best for you and your fellow user can use a different one if that works better for them. Sounds like I really need to write that Use Case post soon since I may be among the few who use it heavily!


Interesting- because of all of your insights, and reading through Asana Mind- 100 Tips & Tricks, I now have an ongoing Task to study that book in greater detail.