Add an emoji anywhere

:grinning: Emojis arenโ€™t just fun, they can be really useful for gaining efficiency on a daily basis!

At iDO, our Asana space contains some specific tasks with their dedicated emojis:

  • :spiral_calendar: for appointments

  • :bust_in_silhouette: for clients

  • :money_with_wings: for quotes

  • :moneybag: for invoices

  • :euro: for expenses

:point_down: The advantages are: :point_down:

  • we can quickly identify a task, without including its purpose in the name or looking at the project or section it is in

  • we can quickly sort our โ€œMy Tasksโ€ view, multi-selecting all sessions and placing them at the top, then all invoices, all quotes, etc.

We get so much clarity from this, we wonder if we could go a little further :thinking: any ideas?