Add Export/Print function for Goals

We need to report on progress toward Goals to our board of directors. Please add an Export/Print function to the Goals product.

I also would like to be able to see the Goals Status (On Track/ At Risk/ Off Track) in the main Goals view (and in the hypothetically exported/printed report I’m asking for).

This strikes me as a basic need - to be able to report on goals to stakeholders who are not Asana users - and I imagine it would be a relatively easy build. Please add it soon!

Hi @Danny_Drachsler, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

This is a great request! Although we don’t have a specific timeline for this feature, this is certainly something our product team will consider in future updates. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have any news!

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Thanks @Emily_Roman, I’ll look forward to your update.

(Just as an “aside” – we’re setting our goals now for our fiscal year beginning October 1; if this feature is added before then I’ll be upgrading to the Business Tier so we can use Goals for our goals (currently I have it on a trial); if it will take longer I’ll be sticking at the Premium Tier for another year…and using Excel for our goals for another year…)

Hi Emily! Jumping in the thread because my team and I want to echo this request as well. We work within a larger foundation and have to share our goal progress quarterly so having the export feature would be a HUGE time saver.

Thank you!


I want to echo the comments above. We report our progress to our Board of Directors, and our federal, state, and private funders. It’s a lot of people to report to and a lot of people to keep happy. Being able to track in Asana is great, but if we still have to develop our own reporting mechanisms (Word docs, spreadsheets, etc), we are putting in a ton of unnecessary time. It doesn’t make sense to track our goals progress in Asana if we are forced to track it in other ways as well, so we can communicate progress to non-Asana users and outside partners. This is essential to our work being more effective and less time consuming.


+1 right here - and agree with @Danny_Drachsler it’s a foundational need for the reasons that he has given