Add Export/Print function for Goals

We need to report on progress toward Goals to our board of directors. Please add an Export/Print function to the Goals product.

I also would like to be able to see the Goals Status (On Track/ At Risk/ Off Track) in the main Goals view (and in the hypothetically exported/printed report I’m asking for).

This strikes me as a basic need - to be able to report on goals to stakeholders who are not Asana users - and I imagine it would be a relatively easy build. Please add it soon!

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Hi @Danny_Drachsler, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

This is a great request! Although we don’t have a specific timeline for this feature, this is certainly something our product team will consider in future updates. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have any news!


Thanks @Emily_Roman, I’ll look forward to your update.

(Just as an “aside” – we’re setting our goals now for our fiscal year beginning October 1; if this feature is added before then I’ll be upgrading to the Business Tier so we can use Goals for our goals (currently I have it on a trial); if it will take longer I’ll be sticking at the Premium Tier for another year…and using Excel for our goals for another year…)

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Hi Emily! Jumping in the thread because my team and I want to echo this request as well. We work within a larger foundation and have to share our goal progress quarterly so having the export feature would be a HUGE time saver.

Thank you!


I want to echo the comments above. We report our progress to our Board of Directors, and our federal, state, and private funders. It’s a lot of people to report to and a lot of people to keep happy. Being able to track in Asana is great, but if we still have to develop our own reporting mechanisms (Word docs, spreadsheets, etc), we are putting in a ton of unnecessary time. It doesn’t make sense to track our goals progress in Asana if we are forced to track it in other ways as well, so we can communicate progress to non-Asana users and outside partners. This is essential to our work being more effective and less time consuming.


+1 right here - and agree with @Danny_Drachsler it’s a foundational need for the reasons that he has given

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+1 for our Org as well. Since not every function is in Asana (others are in JIRA), reporting out OKR progress in Asana only is not useful since its only a portion of our org’s full OKRs

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Any updates on this Emily? We are urgently needing this feature. Hopefully, it’s been thought about in the last 6 months? Do you think there could be a timeframe for a release?


I’m afraid we don’t have any updates or a specific timeline for this feature yet but we’ll make sure to update this thread soon as we have more information. Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Elisa_Barrios!

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+1 for this feature

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Just adding my +1. Of all improvements to Goals this is the most essential IMO. It really hampers our ability to share progress on goals with key internal and external stakeholders without this essential function. Ideally this would not just be a basic export but a well designed, easily downloaded/externally shared dashboard summary.

  • 1 for this request - the product without a more robust print/export function is not something our organization can leverage at this moment.

Hi, we’ve recently updated to Business and are in the process of migrating all company goals to Asana. The ability to export those and report on is absolutely critical. Please speed up the development of this feature as otherwise you may be loosing customers in the future who can choose other platforms which have better integrations options. We love asana but it has to really meet business needs, the features cannot just be gimmicks…


I would just add on that a feature that would enable the export of Goals in a CSV or connect with other enterprise tools such as SharePoint would be very helpful (for us SmartSheets as well). We will not be able to get all of our org into Asana however, integrations and exports enable our team to continue to work the way we want while providing information others in our org need.


This is a critical feature that has to be made sooner rather than later. I would like to know how the process of deciding what features to add is actually made. There seems to be little visibility on if our cries are actually making an impact, any guidance would be appreciated, Thank you



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Hard to believe the GOAL feature does not have an export or print or any function to share the information. Can’t even access it within Asana. A module that stands all by itself with very minimal integration. This is a fail. Surely there was a conversation about this when the idea of incorporating GOALS into Asana began… WHO at Asana decided it was not a good idea. Object is to make a usable flexible software… KR would be DROPPED: Your goal was eliminated or postponed in light of shifting priorities.!!!

+1 to all of the above! Would be a very helpful feature and save me at least 60mins/month

It has been over a year now Emily. Do you have any update from your product team on this important request?

Hi @Julian_Mayne, thanks for reaching out! I’m afraid I don’t have updates about this feature at the moment. We have recently implemented Status Updates for Goals and you can print/export these updates, however, it’s still not possible to print the Goal and its details. I will update this thread once I have an update!


@Emily_Roman adding my +1 . Would love this feature added please.

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