Add Export/Print function for Goals

I can see how to print, but I do not see an export option?

I would love to be able to show a graph of the metric that is associated with the goal. I cannot seem to add graphs from goals… much less export the raw data from the system. Is that functionality on its way?

I just wanted to +1 that the overall Goals feature in Asana is useless without this feature but an absolute gamechanger with it. Please consider adding very soon :pray:

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Evaluating Asana for my team and the inability to export/print goals for reporting is a big barrier. We need to be able to produce moment-in-time snapshots!

+1 we manage all our goals on Asana but are unable to export them for a weekly company review of our progress. So we copy/past everything manually on a Notion page which is a huge loss of time!! With the company growing, it won’t be manageable to keep this system unfortunately

A way to fix this would be to allow us to embed Asana’s Goals in Notion like Asana’s Tasks

I would love to add a +1 on the feature to export the results of the goal in CVS. Otherwise we propabely won’t use this feature. It would be a huge time saver, for all the reasons mentioned above.

@Emily_Roman Has the ability to export Goals and their updates been added yet? You also mentioned that we can export/print Status Updates to the Goals, even if not the Goals themselves. How do we do this? Thanks.

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I would like to know as well!

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+1 for this, currently the lack of reporting on goals is really damaging the reputation of the Asana product in my organisation

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I’ve just run into this also.

We are trying to put everything we can through Asana, and I showed the team the ‘goals’ section in Asana. The first thing they wanted to do was get it onto our Intranet.

I was hoping we could even export to PowerBI and then remake the progress bars.

Keen to see how this plays out.


I also would like to have this enable as well! Can’t export goals … not great

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+1 to this need (also upvoted). Having now embedded goals upon subgoals with OKRs in Asana the inability to easily create reporting based on the statuses and updates within Goals is a major gap.

I’m currently reading the goal statuses and manually adding them to Excel so I can create reports that show goal progress each quarter - definitely needed!

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Upvoted! This would be extremely beneficial to my organization as we’re using company goals to track our strategic planning and it will allow is to see everything in one place!

+1 for this feature. It’s unusable without it!

+1 from me as well. This was really the main drawcard for us signing up for the more expensive plan, however the lack of usability here will see us downgrading.

Upvoting this please - being able to print the goals and subgoals and progress reports is a critical function. hard to believe it’s not been built in already after 2 years of asks from this thread.

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Exactly in the same predicament. We switched to the enterprise edition recently. Inputted all our Q1, 2023 goals into Asana. Now have to report all these goals to senior management (who of course only use excel/word). Help please!

Same here! In addition to all of the obvious – and legal – needs to report to the Board and funders, we also need to print goals for performance management. Being able to download reports would make this easy to review alongside performance conversations.

Even just a print to PDF function for the entire Goals page – currently the view will only print the first screen – as a stepping stone to the rest of the functionality!