Drive business outcomes with Enterprise-Grade Goals 🥅

Hi, Asana Community!

Zaraida Diaz here from Asana’s Product Marketing team :wave:t3:

I’m excited to announce recent and upcoming enhancements to Goals that provide easier visibility into progress against strategic initiatives and help align your teams to drive business outcomes.

Goals in Universal Reporting
With our new Goals in Universal Reporting functionality, you now have access to advanced real-time reporting and dashboards for goals to track results quickly, understand the status of initiatives across your organization, and get actionable insights to make business decisions.

Salesforce for Goals
With the upcoming Salesforce for Goals integration, you’ll be able to connect goals with data and insights from Salesforce to help you monitor impact - without the manual work. As work happens in Salesforce, the progress of linked goals in Asana will be automatically updated. Plus, you’ll be able to create goals in Asana directly from Salesforce.

Team Sharing for Goals (Release in spring 2023)
Aligning and enabling cross-functional collaboration will soon get easier with team sharing for goals. This upcoming release will unlock the ability to add entire teams as collaborators to goals allowing you to easily share and socialize goals with teams across your organization.

Get started with Goals today (available to Business and Enterprise customers) to jumpstart 2023 planning. And of course, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.



Thank you! @Zaraida_Diaz, your link to ‘Goals in Universal Reporting’ doesn’t work.

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Is “Goals” a seperate add on? Can’t see it in Asana.

Thanks @Tom_Davenport! I’ve just removed the link :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon2679104! Goals are available the Business tier of Asana :slight_smile:

Asana Goals + OKR = :rocket: