Ability to export timeline

For various reasons we may have a need to provide a snapshot without the need to invite someone as a member or collaborator. The ability to do a quick export to a PDF would be very useful.


+1 to this, it will be very useful to share quickly with people who are not part of the project


Agreed. It’s great to have such a powerful tool for getting our various editorial calendars organized, but it seems like a big loss if we can’t also share with external parties. I’ve met with some team members who’ve said that sharing externally is actually so necessary to their workflow that it would be the difference between whether they use Asana or not for their timelines. As someone who’s hoping to help onboard all my colleagues to Asana, that’s a red flag.

As a side note @VOIP-PM and @John_Cummings, I’ve been looking into Instagantt, which connects to your Asana projects and lets you export as csvs or pdfs. It’s a useful tool in general, but its main purpose is to present your projects in a detailed gantt chart rather than just letting you share with external parties. That’s still useful but it’s definitely more of a workaround than a fix to the problem (since you then have to pay for and train an additional app) but it can work in the short term.


+1 Some sort of export option would be excellent.


+1 for this!

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Another +1 for this, really crucial.


It would be great to visually print out every type of project. List, timeline or board. It looks amazing on web interface, but it’s a pain to present these views into a powerpoint presentation for example.


Yes second that Carl. Not helpful it we can’t present information in powerpoint. Even though I have the gantt in Asana I have to recreate them in a friendly format in PP. Annoying.

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Is there any way to convert my timeline into a pdf?

Thank you


Hi @Lara_Martinez, I just use the browser’s Print function, then in there choose Save as PDF. In Chrome, Ctrl (Cmd) P starts it, or choose from the menu. It basically captures what you see, so adjust the zoom/scroll/etc. first. Perhaps that could work?

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


Hi @Lara_Martinez,

As it stands, there isn’t a built-in function in Asana allowing you to save your Timeline in a PDF format so the solution offered by @lpb is probably your best shot!

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It’s now a year later. Is this feature added to the Premium Version?
If not, @AsanaCustomerSupport, can you speak to whether this is coming?
It’s a standard business practice to share these documents to our teams and clients. A paid Project Management tool should have this feature.


Hi @James_T and thanks for the follow-up! Our Team is aware that this is a popular request and while I don’t have an update to share today, rest ensured that that I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and will make sure to give you an update as soon as possible.

On a side note, I realised we already have a #productfeedback thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged this thread with the main thread in #productfeedback to centralise feedback on this topic!


We are now using Instagantt to do this. Agree with all above - This should be standard in Asana.


Being able to export as PDF or Print should be absolute standard! Please add this as soon as possible. We really hoped to see this feature as paying users.

Also, I would love to be able to view/edit timelines on the mobile app.



This is very similar or a duplicate: Print a timeline

One can print a PDF and a PDF can be printed. Both requests could be merged.

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can we merge these two items so that the votes total 70+ ? :wink:


Currently just using screenshots and converting to a PDF. Having a professional looking PDF to export to and print in meetings would be helpful. Another +1 to the pile :slight_smile:


It is tremendously difficult to use Asana in our context because the implementation of our projects depends on both us and the client and we need to replicate everything from Asana because our clients are not on it. And every time we update the plans, we need to replicate yet again. Tons of wasted time and effort from our side. Please create functions where we can export as PDF and as an Excel chart, which would then allow me to share the plans with my collaborators without wasting hours and hours on duplicate work.


Wow, it was a real surprise to find out this wasn’t an option. The timeline view was one of the reasons I picked a paid Asana account vs. your biggest competitor. But without the ability to export, it doesn’t do me any good since I’m going to have to recreate it for my client. Instagantt is ok, but it’s not as pretty as I need it, and I have to pay for the full feature list? Really a drag. Definitely agree that a paid project management software solution should have tools for sharing that don’t require me to require my clients to sign up for my system.