View only access for timeline? (or a way to export)


I’m wondering if there is a way to invite people to have view only access to my Asana team without it impacting our team number (and license costs!). We have a team of 5 people who will create and edit timelines, but an additional 20 would we need to be able to share them with as viewers. Is this possible in any way?

I haven’t found a way to either export the timeline or add people without impacting our license costs.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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Hi @Miranda_Forwood and welcome to the Community :grinning:

You can invite people to join your team as a Member or as a Limited Access Member if they belong to your Organization but they will count toward your Premium plan. You can learn more about it here: [ ].

Regarding sharing timeline: @lpb do you think this is something that Asana2go can help with?

Have a great Wednesday!

Hi @Miranda_Forwood and thanks @Natalia,

You could print your timeline view to pdf (until a better native option becomes available) and share that with others. I’m afraid Asana2Go doesn’t support a Timeline view, but you could share those tasks in other views with Asana2Go.

Another option is to have one or more users join your Asana organization with an email address other than your domain’s email (e.g.,; that would not accrue any charges to your number of seats and enable wider access as you need.

Hope that helps,


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