Is it possible to share the timeline view with organization members who are not using Asana?

Hello, I’m currently running Premium trial to see if Asana would fit our needs. I’m having trouble finding out if it’s possible to share some sort of view of Asana projects to someone who does not have an Asana account? Specifically we would be looking for possibility to share Project timeline view (only for viewing) within our company to people who are not part of Asana Teams.

I would like to learn how this could be achieved, or if it’s possible at all. Thanks.

Hi @Ilkka_Sjostedt

No its not possible to share the timeline view to people outside of Asana.

To access anything that is within Asana you will need an account. To achieve what you are looking for you would need to look at some sort or reporting integration.


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Alright, thanks for your reply @Jason_Woods, this is good to know. Cheers.

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