Exporting timeline and list

Is this possible? If so, how? thank you!


Hey @Jo_Walker

Asana supports the export of your Projects (whether in Board or List view) in either CSV or JSON format. Additional insight on this is available at the following link:

Additionally, for enterprise plan holders, we offer the ability for admins to request a full Organization export.

That said, you aren’t able to export a visual of your timeline (PDF) at the moment, if that’s what you’re asking, though we hope to at some point in the future.

Hope this helps!

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Will exporting timeline in PDF form be available soon?


I desperately need this to be available.


How is this a solution?


Hey, I’ve come up with a workaround for now:

  1. Connect to a 4k screen, or see if you can use Dynamic Super Resolution to trick it if you haven’t got one. You want it as high a resolution as possible

  2. Right click on the desktop and go to display settings, and set the scale to 100%

  3. Go to your timeline and screenshot it, I could get three month in at a time this way, combine the images to make your timeline.

Not ideal, but better than nothing

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I just upgraded to premium specifically for the timeline feature, and 100% assumed an PDF export was a given. Seems inexplicable that it doesn’t exist. Fingers crossed this is remedied soon, but from the looks of it i’m not holding my breath. I guess that’s what free trials are for…


Yes, I agree, How can you have a timeline view that 1st is restrictive to one year max view and that can’t be exported to PDF to share with clients. I have to create another document instead of using my projet management tool? Please make this available. And also the view should be customizable to as many months as desired (could we set beginning and end time). Aloso, one set for a projet, could it stay at the set view for that projet and be changed if desired. Right now, we have to go back each time and click to get the full year view. A view of 3 months to a year is not how we use it to get an overview of a specific projet timeline (a projet can last several years in our case). Thank you.


I have to agree to the previous writer . THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and doesn’t make ANY SENSE!
The timeline addon was the only reason why I turned to premium. From PM to my PM fellows @ asana I am very disappointed as the timeline product as your job and responsiblity has not been developed in a proper holstic and overall manner. This needs to be announced within the next weeks.


Hi- I upgraded to Premium for the timeline. Please Please make it possible to export the timeline to a PDF. People have been requesting since November '19.


Hello, exporting timelines to PDF to discuss them analogue with customers or coworker without asana is a key feature for me and a decision point if i go asana or somewhere else with my firm, so it would be nice to get a statement over if and when this will be possible, thank you!



Following this topic as I need it too. We had to re-create the timeline on ppt!!


upvote for pdf-export, would be very useful


Upvote for visual export too!


Upvote for Timeline to PDFs. Again like most everyone else has said this can be done from competitors. I like the layout on Asana and we as a company are using it and enrolled but this feature would be very helpful.


Hey @Asana_Admin1 What’s going on in the world today for you guys not to respond all those requests ? As everyone sais that is a shame and not understandable atet we can’t export those timelines… Can you at least give us a feeling of “hell yeah guys we hear you” we’re working on it.
Come on


Here’s another vote for this feature to become available. Taking screenshots and stitching them together in Photoshop gets old really quick…


Agreed. I don’t want to always invite my client into everything, but I want them to see the latest timeline.

If there’s no export to PDF, then at least some kind of limited share where someone could view the timeline only with a secure link?


Adding another vote for PDF & Excel. Please remedy this ASAP.


If you haven’t already, go vote for this feature here: Ability to export timeline

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