Ability to export timeline into a PDF


For various reasons we may have a need to provide a snapshot without the need to invite someone as a member or follower. The ability to do a quick export to a PDF would be very useful.


+1 to this, it will be very useful to share quickly with people who are not part of the project


Agreed. It’s great to have such a powerful tool for getting our various editorial calendars organized, but it seems like a big loss if we can’t also share with external parties. I’ve met with some team members who’ve said that sharing externally is actually so necessary to their workflow that it would be the difference between whether they use Asana or not for their timelines. As someone who’s hoping to help onboard all my colleagues to Asana, that’s a red flag.

As a side note @VOIP-PM and @John_Cummings, I’ve been looking into Instagantt, which connects to your Asana projects and lets you export as csvs or pdfs. It’s a useful tool in general, but its main purpose is to present your projects in a detailed gantt chart rather than just letting you share with external parties. That’s still useful but it’s definitely more of a workaround than a fix to the problem (since you then have to pay for and train an additional app) but it can work in the short term.


+1 Some sort of export option would be excellent.


+1 for this!


Another +1 for this, really crucial.