Print a timeline

+1 here. Basic need for a solution this advanced

+1 one for me and +20 for the others in my team .

Any update on this feature? We’re reluctant to sign up for premium until we can print.

Hi @Osprey_Metal_Finishe and welcome to the Community Forum!

I don’t have an update to share just yet, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I do! Thank you all for your patience while we work on developing Timelines.

So without being able to print the timeline, how does one share with a client without asking them to sign up?

@russell, Here’s info on a workaround:

Hi Marie,
It has been 1 year since you said the feature was in the roadmap
This is just amazing that we cannot export in pdf / print the timeline for a project management service. Even for paid accounts !
Can you get back to us for real with a date for this feature ?
It is just so simple that I haven’t checked before signing up my team but I’m starting to switch now.
Thank you


I’m thinking to switch (not starting)

Hi @cedric.massonnat and all,

Thanks for all the feedback and explaining your use cases for wanting to print on timeline, this is definitely something we see the importance of and have on our roadmap. Although I can’t give you a firm date, please know your feedback has been passed along and will help influence our prioritization. The team does have plans this year to tackle this request.

In the meantime some workarounds have been suggested throughout this thread, such as using the browser’s print function and save as PDF or taking a screenshot of your timeline.

Thanks for all the feedback and I will keep you updated when I have more concrete timing.

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Agreed – supper annoying there is not a way to print as stakeholders do not want to add more software they don’t understand to their daily workflow. Personally, I love the cloud, paperless thing, but as a client interface Asana is worthless at present without being able to provide docs. Please, Asana, a year+ is a very, very, long time to wait in the world of project management; other solutions are passing you by,

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There is such a clear need for this feature it makes no sense that it is still not available. Restricting this ability will not drive more users to the product…it will keep them away. Given projects can already be printed it really cannot be that hard for this to be added. Please make it a priority or at least give us a realistic expectation of when it will be done.
Thank you.

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Another vote. This feature is a must.

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Its been almost two months since your last update on this. Can you please advise further the expected release date of this feature?

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Hi @Russ_Friedson and thanks for the mention.

I don’t have any updates to share just yet, but rest ensured that I’m closely following this internally; I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Marie, thank you. Can you at least confirm that this will be available no later than the end of 2019?

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Still waiting for this to get updated. The PDF print option is pretty clunky.

Is there any update on this feature? This is a really key feature to enable us to use and share Timeline well with our team.

Welcome @Jason_Russel_Allen;

I don’t have fresh updates to share just yet, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I can!

We have started testing Asana multiple locations, many external collaborators that need to see project flow and status. If nothing changes I will have to write that adding another program such as instagatt - is adding a layer of complexity that significantly increases friction and cost.

I would also like to know when this is available. This would be useful when showing upper management or other stakeholders a quick overview of the project timeline.